Woolly turkey and new bags.

I bet you think we’ve got a new breed of fiber-producing animal lined up for your knitting pleasure. Alas, no. We do have, however, a fantastic new window display for the holidays. LeBrie Rich, felter extraordinaire, spent all of yesterday setting this lovely nonperishable holiday feast:

Holiday window display

If you live in town, you really must come by and see this – even the salt and pepper and the candles in the chandelier are felted! It’s just delightful. And if you’re now thinking, “Ooh, I’d like to felt some mashed potatoes!”, we are hosting several workshops with LeBrie this fall. Just check out the class list for more information.

On the subject of bags (long-time patrons know that we’re a little bag-crazy here), we’ve got two new ones for you. Now, neither of these are on the website (yet!), but if you simply must have one now, drop by or phone and we’ll hook you up.

First is the Namaste needle binder:

Namaste needle binder

Not only can it store your needles and notions, it also has space enough to carry a project or two. It’s the perfect traveling knitting bag. And it comes in three colors. Of course, since it’s by Namaste, I doubt we’ll keep it in stock for long. Remember when we had to start a waiting list for the Malibu?


Moving past that trauma, we’ve got a revamped Lantern Moon project bag for your knitting pleasure:

Lantern Moon Maya

The new and improved Maya. And, let me tell you, it is improved. Better, more durable (and attractive!) fabric and exterior pockets make this perfect for small projects like socks and baby garments. This will be another one that’ll fly off the shelves, easily.

Of course, we just got the preview for the Winter line of new Lantern Moon products, and I cannot wait to start showing those off to all y’all. Mm mm mmm.

But that will have to wait until later.

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October 10, 2008 by Sara M
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