5 things.

So much to do, so much to say. And never enough time.

But, in terms of imminence, there are 3 noteworthy announcements:

  1. All Noni patterns from the Noni Knits Trunkshow will be 40% off for the next couple of weeks. Check out the sale area and see what’s available at a discount.
  2. Alas, we must bid the Skif Trunkshow farewell. We’ve had it for several months now (to the exclusion of others) and need to send it along to another funky LYS. If you really want to try one of the sweaters on, now is the time to do it. They ship out next week.
  3. The November Sock Club kit is going into the mail this week. It will be available to local members on November 3rd, so they’ll get their kits at the same time as out-of-state members. Incidentally, the 3rd is also a “No Mean Feet!” night, if you’re feeling the need to cast on your kit immediately with people who will understand your addiction.

In less imminent news (#4 on our list)… I finished my Seraphim Shawl!! It’s so exciting to have it done in time for Miriam Felton‘s visit. I can’t wait for her Introduction to Lace Design workshop (I am so signed up for that), since I already have my shawl sketched out. Which means, if you count me and the other 2 students in the class, there are only 5 spots left, since both workshops are capped at a maximum of 8 students.

But, for your viewing (and my preening) pleasure, we brought the shawl along to a photoshoot this afternoon. 3M is nicely OCD about the good photography and I was hardput to choose just one photo, so here are three:

Seraphim wingspan

Seraphim wrapped

Seraphim curious
(I think this was 3M’s favorite)

Project details:

  • Pattern: Seraphim Shawl by Miriam L. Felton
  • s: US 5 / 3.75 mm
  • : Knit Purl’s The Natural Collection, hand-dyed with natural dyes by Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks just for us. Used just over 2 skeins. And now I really wish we had more of this yarn, since it was sooo nice to work with.
And, if you want more artistic photos (or more specs), here’s the set. Or it on ravelry. Can you totally tell I am beside myself for finishing this?

Finally, last but not least (#5), the Sock the Vote yarn is here! I wish I had a photo (might be on the list for Thurday’s post) to prove it, but it is officially for sale. Behind the scenes, we have an unofficial bet going on which color will sell out first. I think it’s going to be a toss-up between Michelle and Hillary, but I could be wrong. I guess we’ll find out soon.

‘Til Thursday, happy knitting!

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October 28, 2008 by Sara M
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