did you know silliness is contagious?

It is. Honest. For all that we’re a serious business and attempt to appear professional, we at Knit Purl occasionally suffer from outbreaks of silliness. Case in point…

We had such a positive reaction to our felted window display, and received so many requests for a photograph without window glare, that we attempted to stage an impromptu photo-shoot.


Being located above the 45th parallel means our outdoor lighting in the fall and winter is scanty at best, so we had to arrange a curtain to prevent the sunlight from ruining the picture:


Which probably would have worked better if we had set up a frame and rod, but remember I used the word “impromptu”. It worked relatively well, but it soon became apparent that our silliness was quite contagious…


As we started to infect perfectly harmless spectators, who left the scene giggling. At least it’s not a permanent condition, right?

Well, for some.

Moving on to more serious matters, we have an absolutely gorgeous baby set knit by Fran for her newborn grandson:


The pattern is from the book “Knitting For Baby”. Fran made the Cashmere Delux Hat, Cardigan and Baby Blanket. The entire set took 13 skeins of Joseph Galler Pashmina and about 6 months worth of knitting. Simply beautiful. It was such a pleasure to watch Fran cast on and continue to make progress and then come in with the finished cardigan and hat.

Thank you, Fran, for sharing with us!

I also had Natasha’s first sweater on this demonic camera, but the photo-quality was so shoddy I didn’t want to make Natasha’s project look bad! It’s amazing, with two other (professional) cameras in the store, I always manage to grab the tiny cybershot that hates everyone but Sandy Kay. Next time, I promise I’ll get a real camera for customer photos.

And, before I go off to do real work, we agreed to remind all our lovely and loyal readers to VOTE! We don’t care who, how, or why. I hate to quote a shoe company, but JUST DO IT.

Next time I’ll let you know who won Sock The Vote.

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November 04, 2008 by Sara M
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