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Well, as promised we have some interesting Sock The Vote results. And the ranking is (not surprisingly):

  1. Michelle
  2. Hillary
  3. Cindy
  4. Sarah

Michelle sold out within a day, and Hillary is likely going to be next. One has to feel a little sorry for the Republican gals, since it might be awhile before they go to good homes…

And, in self-congratulatory news, we have most of the Winter workshops online and open for registration! If you don’t think that’s something to inspire self-confidence, I challenge you to understand this gobbledygook:


See? Not so easy, is it? But completely and utterly worth the headache and confusion necessary to add a new instructor and class to the website.

Soooo, if you want to make this:

or this

or maybe t h e s e :

You’d better register NOW, because space is very limited (15 students max for each of Jared’s workshops) and it might be a while until any of these wonderful instructors can visit again.

And that’s everything I can write for now. I still don’t have Ruth Sorensen’s upcoming classes up, and they’re going to be doozies.

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November 06, 2008 by Sara M
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