New and returned to the store

Before we get to the News items of this post, I’ve been asked to share photos of Jared’s lecture:

For more see here. Or here. On the subject of the lecture, well… it was awesome. Jared shared some of his newest designs (not available for sale yet!) which he had just photographed that morning. Honestly, one of the hats is reeaally tempting. Oh, and on the OMG-How-cool-is-that?! news list, I’m very excited to announce that we’ve worked out a deal with Jared to sell hard copies of his patterns. Probably by the end of the month patrons will be able to buy his patterns in the store. Very exciting, I think. Personally, I’m really looking foward to buying a copy of Girasole and picking out the matching yarn, all in one go.

Anyway, back to Thursday night. I also have a cool (or should I say ‘kool’?) shot from after the afterparty…. Adam’s Koolhaas:

Made with ShibuiKnits Merino Worsted in Wasabi (just so you can see how poor my photography and photo-correcting skills are). His specs are here. It was much admired.

Over the weekend (skipping Friday, Friday was a bit crazy – did you see the Newsletter?) We had The Long Awaited & Greatly Anticipated Return of Liz:

liz on the go

Which I couldn’t really photo-document, as someone kept making faces at the camera or turning away (see above) just as I took a shot. Oy. But, rest assured, she is back and shouldn’t be leaving for a while.

And, last but certainly not least, we have a new line of yarns! By the Sheep Shop Yarn Company, these are some quite lovely wool & wool-blend yarns that are kettle-dyed in much the same way as Manos del Uruguay, only in different colors and with a softer base yarn. You can also see the scarf I’m making for a Knit Purl pattern, modeled by Lindsay (who didn’t squirm or make faces, it must be said):

sheep shop yarns

So, that’s everything that’s happened since Thursday. Quite a lot, really. The Sheep Shop should (say that 3 times fast) be up on the web by the end of the week, if you’re dying to try it. Until Thursday, knit or crochet happy!

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January 13, 2009 by Sara M
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