The Post That Never Ends

Not exactly. But since the blog hasn’t been updated in almost two weeks, this is going to be one of those super-mondohuje posts to catch everyone up to date. A slightly crazy idea, yes, but it should work. Now, since there is so much to cover, we’re going to do blurbs instead of biographies. But, if you want to see more pix from this post, see our flickr account.

First, we have Farrah’s magnificent Seraphim Shawl:


Which she brought to the Sip’n’Stitch on the 15th. I’m afraid that the camera involved does not enjoy after-dark photography, so the image is rather blurry. Sorry, Farrah! But, for readers interested in her shawl, here it is in her ravelry notebook.

The very next day, Ellen of Seattle stopped by to show us two of her favorite FO’s:


Her Litla Dimun lace shawl, and the back:


She decided to add a purple border to her project (love it!) in order to give the finished shawl a little more pop. The entire effect was quite stunning. Then, of course, she had to make us feel inadequate when she pulled out her Pheonix Mitts, based off of a pattern in Selbuvotter:


Made with Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift.

At some point last week (I don’t have a info sheet, sorry!), Bobbie dropped by to show off her adorable collection of baby hats:


All made for newborns at the maternity ward of her local hospital (no, we didn’t get the name).

Rachel came in last Thursday with her finished ‘Rob’s Socks':


Made with happiest girl! sock yarn in 1970’s Rec Room. Personally, I love the pooling and flashing. I couldn’t find her info on ravelry, but maybe they will show up soon? She made up the pattern, and it looks like it would be fun to try…

On Friday, Liz forced poor Jessica to show off her Gretel hat:


About which I can find no information. It’s red. That’s about all I know.

Moving on to a project I do have information about… Joan’s New Kauni Cardigan:


Yes, that is the Joan Schrouder. After we admired her cardigan for awhile, Lindsay finally inquired about the pattern. It turns out that Joan did design the pattern herself, but told us that she wouldn’t be writing it up as it was too difficult to convert into multiple sizes. Sad. It looked fantastic and also resulted in a stampede to the Kauni wall by all who were present.

Right after Joan left with her cadre of Seattle-Portland Yarn Crawlers, Tami came by with the cutest little FO’s ever. She used the yarn we provided at a “Sample It” to make a collection of teeny tiny mittens, sweaters, hats and socks/ stockings:


I hope she’ll forgive me for cropping the picture. The camera was misbehaving again. There’s also the Worsted Bambino Hat in the group, but methinks the teeny tiny mittens will the ‘awww’ contest. If you want specs on each of the individual projects, see Tami’s ravelry notebook.

Then, finally, the last of the FO’s – two hats. Which Liz and Lindsay modeled, albeit grudgingly. Here we have some silly hat-ness:


Liz has an Ana Bandana made with Silk Maiden in “Peridot” and Lindsay chose the Road To China/ Flurries hat, which is a sneak-peak of an upcoming pattern. But, before the camera was put away, we made a pile of staff WIPs:


One cashmere/silk Qiviut Smoke Ring, an Esperanza scarf and Linday’s earwarmer that is currently just an i-cord (that statement should make sense in a week or two). There are several other WIPs around, but many are Top Secret at the moment. So, to distract you from considering the implications of all that, here’s the latest issue of Vogue Knitting:

Now available in the store, and featuring a pattern and profile of our favoritest photographer/ blogger Jared. Grab one while you can.

And, whoosh, I think that’s everything. Until, well, tomorrow (in which we shall attempt to resume our regular blogging schedule) stay warm!

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January 28, 2009 by Sara M
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