As it is Thursday…

Another day, another post. And have we got a worthwhile project for all our loyal blog readers. If you’ve checked out the News & Events page recently, you’ll know that we’re helping knitnotwar with their 1,0o0 cranes project. At the moment, we have 700 cranes strung and floating in our side display window, if you’d like to see them.

(it was cold outside, so sue me)

Anyway, if you do the math… 1,000 – 700 = 300. Which means we are trying to gather 300 cranes for knitnotwar by May 1, 2009 – the tentatively schedule installation date. As I know for a fact* that we have 100 subscribers to this blog alone, if every single one of you knit just one crane, we’d have a third of our cranes done.

There’s a free pattern online (it’s also in the book Knitalong), if you’re interested. We’ll also be hosting two knitnotwar 1,0o0 Nights on February 4th and March 4th (6 – 8pm), for knitters to drop by and knit in cozy company. There will be a prize drawing on March 31st for everyone who donated a crane. I am told the Grand Prize is worth around $100, if that piques your interest…

And here we have a closeup of the cranes:


And here are some of the incumbent cranes:


Because I had a camera and sort of know how to use it. Please feel free to drop by the store and pick up a printed version of the pattern (and see the cranes in person). I’ll also have a running count of the cranes donated on the blog’s sidebar. Or, if you’re outside the PDX area, do contact us about sending a crane or two in by mail. Thanks!

See you on Tuesday!

*Don’t ask how. Ve haff means of finding things out.

ETA @ 4:57pm:
I have just found out that we will be rewarding participants with $0.50 in store credit for every crane they knit. Sooo, if you knit 30 cranes, you’ll get $15 in store credit! It’s my understanding that a single crane takes only 20y of worsted weight yarn – so they can be made with scraps really quickly. We’ll find out how quickly fairly soon, I think.

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January 29, 2009 by Sara M
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