Lucy Neatby Trunkshow

We’re getting ready for a visit from one of the funkiest knitters in North America to visit this weekend. Her trunkshow has arrived, the brightly-colored yarn and patterns are stocked and all we have to do is wait until Lucy arrives. Until then, here are some pictures of her extremely fun socks and Venus Rising Cardigan – all of the patterns of which are available for sale and her classes are still open for registration. Call or register online, if you’d like to snatch one of the last spots open!

Moving on with the show (thank you, Liz, for modeling on such short notice…)








I think my favorite are the Fiesta Feet (fourth photo from the top) and I might just have to get the pattern or take Lucy’s Even Cooler Socks! class because she has a really cool technique I’ve never seen before on no-swatch sock knitting. Sounds interesting, huh?

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February 18, 2009 by Sara M
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