A flurry of activity

I’m sorry we haven’t updated you and the InterWebs in so very long… I went to Stitches West and planned to blog from there but got sick. It didn’t work out in quite a number of ways. Luckily, my intrepid coworkers took photos for your visual enjoyment.

First, we have a shot of the Cool Socks! workshop with Lucy Neatby (she’s the one with hot pink hair):


…which I understand was a smash hit. It certainly looks interesting (Lucy always includes video/ projector demonstrations, which you can see on the wall in the background).

Next, we have Sue’s absolutely glorious Habu 110 pullover:


So named because she used the pattern from Habu Textiles’ Kit 110 and substituted Handmaiden’s Sea Silk in “Periwinkle” for the body and Habu Textiles’ Gear Linen in “Black” for the hems. The finished effect was just amazing, and the photo hardly does it justice.

And, finally, we have Sarah’s IP (in progress) Garter Stitch Aran Pullover, from the Japanese book Men’s Knit:


Which is looking mighty impressive, if I do say so. Sarah mentioned that she had worried about the sizing of the pattern (as it is Japanese), but the sweater seems to be coming out perfectly roomy and (honestly) delicious. She’s knitting it with Debbie Bliss’ Rialto Aran in “Dusty Blue”, which is not on the website yet I’m afraid.

Lastly, today, I took a picture of all the lovely cranes we’ve been sent (or given in person) for the knitnotwar 1,0o0 kal. Amazingly, three arrived from Boston just yesterday! And four from California a week or two ago. These cranes are just flocking in from all over the place…


Of which many are noticeably red. Interesting phenomenon.

Now, it’s admittedly still a small flock of cranes (we have 22 at count). But I am told by our many hardcore customers, volunteers, and several staffers that there are many more cranes OTN or unfelted at home. Sandy Kay and I are also talking about hosting another KAL night or two in the next couple of weeks. We’d really love to make our goal.

But we shall see what happens over the next month. Check the sidebar for updates over the next week or so!

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March 05, 2009 by Sara M
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