Che Bellezza!

Italian. Lit. “what a beauty”, but synonymous with “How lovely!”

This literally just walked in the door (thank you, UPS), from Chameleon Colorworks:


Handdyed lace yarn, made with 100% extrafine Merino wool (sumptuous!) and dyed in several of our favorites plue FOUR new semi-solids. It should be on the shelf tomorrow. (I know I’ll need three for a very special lace project as soon as it’s available.)

The next little bit of news we have for you is that we’re on twitter! (see sidebar —>) Many of us have downloaded apps onto our iTouches and iPhones, so there will literally be up-to-the-minute information on our page, if you want to follow us and get frequent updates on store happenings and the like.

That’s all the News we have for now. No one’s been in to show off their FO’s (hint, hint, hint), so I don’t have any pretties to share. Nor have there been any donations of cranes in the past few days, so we’re just a bit boring at the moment. But check your inbox tomorrow for a very cool eCard that is full of Easter knitting! Until next Tuesday, enjoy the lovely weather outside!

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March 26, 2009 by Sara M
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