Today has been on the hectic side, so unfortunately blogging (which involves sitting at a computer undisturbed for some time) has been pushed off so many times that now it’s 10 minutes to 6 o’clock and this post still isn’t finished. Which means brevity is definitely the better part of valor right now.

First. Have you see our Easter basket? You know, the one in the eCard we sent out a week ago? This one, in fact:


Well, if you haven’t and are in need of some Easter Basket Inspiration, drop by to see it in person. The eggs (painted, hand-felted, and hand-knit), bunnies and chickens are worth a visit…

Easter Basket close-up

Or so we’re told.

Two. Since I have no customer projects from the past two days immediately available (alas), I am afraid I only have one FO to show off:

Bamboo Porom (three-quarter view)

Which is, incidentally, a store sample in case you want to touch it or try it on.

Anyway. It’s Porom*, by Jared Flood, knit up with Habu Textiles Bamboo XS-32 in “Green”, which is not up on the website right now (it’s a new color) but will be soon. I can tell you, quite honestly, that it is just scrumptious to knit with and the finished hat is lovely. You can also see more photos here.

Third, finally, the Josh Jakus UM bags are on display!

Josh Jakus UM bags

You may have seen our excited tweet when they arrived. Seriously, there are no words to describe how awesome these bags are. And, it’s obvious from the admiration they receive from visitors, that we’re not alone in our appreciation. We also have, by Josh Jakus, their line of felt accessories. Everything from a wine bottle cozy to the coolest eggflat you’ll ever see:

Eggflat meets Habu

It also makes a great yarn storage device/ centerpiece.

All of the Josh Jakus pieces are made with recylced industrial felt excess and are made in Berkeley. The designs are entirely modern, unique and perfect for a variety of purposes. We’re certain that these will be very popular among knitters as they’re both practical and stylish.

And that is everything I could cover in 15 minutes. Toodles until next Tuesday. Look for a Newsletter in your inbox tomorrow!

*We like the pattern, what can I say?

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April 02, 2009 by Sara M
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