Can we pretend? (spoiler!)

I suppose I could have back-dated this post and no one would ever have known, but that would have been lying and, quite honestly, I doubt anyone would have believed it. So let’s pretend instead that I actually updated the blog on Thursday and that we’re right back on schedule.

First off: last Wednesday Patrick came in to finish up his unbelievable Seamless Yoke Sweater:

knitting Partick

The pattern is in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears, Knitting Around and Knitting Workshop. Patrick adapted the pattern from his copy of Knitting Around. He and his “wife” made up a different Fair Isle pattern for the yoke and changed the ribbing to a 1×2 instead of a 2×2 but other than those teeny tiny details, it’s the same pattern. Here’s a shot of the yoke:

Nearly done

It kind of makes me think of a technicolor zebra*. Or, strangely, 1970s wallpaper. When Patrick came in he was already onto the neck ribbing and only had some minor finishing to do after that. I managed to drag it away from him to get a picture of it flat:

Sweater laid flat

Do you see what I see? It’s something indicative of extreme OCD or insanity or both. The sleeves match. Considering the fact that he is (probably “was” by now) knitting with Kauni, the odds of managing that are very difficult. The color of yarn, btw, is Kauni W-EH. I forgot to ask how many grams he’d needed. Sorry.

All madness put aside, I’m sure we all want to see it finished and modeled (hint, hint, Patrick). So maybe some cajoling will get him to wear it into the store.

Second: we have Wendy’s recently completed Kauni mitts. I’m sure you remember Wendy and her EAT hat – if you don’t, check this post out. The latest creative creation to come off her needles are a pair of Fair Isle and lace gauntlet-like mitts:

Wendy's mitts
Admit it, they’re awesome.

Made with Kauni W-EJ as the MC and W-EG as the CC. Wendy has told me that Kauni is her new favorite to work with, so we might be seeing many more improvised designs in coming months.

This is a Kauni-centric post, isn’t it? It’s interesting how projects can be tied together.

Third: Gratis Knits, please! The next Gratis Knits pattern is overdue. We’re still looking for submissions. Seriously, if you have an original pattern for something springy click the link above and consider it.

Lastly, a bit of silliness. The photoshoot for the May Sock Club’s pattern was last week, held at a super-secret location down the street. Hah. Here’s Liz:

Sassy Liz the model

Who was this month’s sock model. Thank you, Liz. And, just because you can already see it on ravelry by might not have yet, here’s a SPOILER:

(feel free to skip this if you want to be surprised)

… our designer for May is none other than the reknowned and revered Cookie A. I’ve seen the pattern and it is lovely.

And I think that’s everything that needed to be caught up. Cheers!

*It could happen.

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April 28, 2009 by Sara M
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