Losing track

Two weeks since the last post. Too much has been going on around here to keep track of. So, I’m just going to cover what I have photos of. Unfortunately, I can’t find the notes I took to correspond with certain photos. In particular, I’ve given up on finding the information I had written down on this little cutie:




Too adorable for words, eh?

A couple weeks ago a very nice young lady came in to show off her recently finished sheep. I believe she had made it for a theatrical production. Dear knitter, if you read this blog, I’m really really sorry I lost your info! Please feel free to send it to me again and I’ll post a correction ASAP.

Next on the list of worthwhile blogginess (I think I just made that word up), we received a gianormous shipment of Malabrigo this week:

Malabrigo shipment

NINE boxes in total, all crammed full of yarn in colors we haven’t seen in months. Drop by the store or website to grab some for yourself before it’s gone. But, before you do that, check your inbox tomorrow for a special offer!

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June 18, 2009 by Sara M
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