Girasole KAL!

Hey, have you heard? We’re starting

on July 1st! Sandy Kay and I already have our yarn (Isager Højlandsgarn) and are gearing up (actually, Sandy Kay has cheated and started early). Sandy Bingham and Brook are talking about participating – both with be using ShibuiKnits Sock, I hear – so you’ll have not one, not two, but four staff members available for help or support whenever you need it!

If you’ve ever wanted to try this pattern or a Shetland circular shawl, now’s your chance. But the KAL ends on July 31st, so you’d better decide soon! We’ll hope to see you at one of our KAL knit nights (TBA) or in with your wip or fo…

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June 28, 2009 by Sara M
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