You know how the saying goes…

“So much to do, so little time.”? That seems to be our new mantra ’round here as we transition from the old website to the new, from summer to fall (big transition in the knitting business) and just generally try and keep from being buried in wool. Not that we’re complaining… especially about that last bit.

Now, let’s see, we’ve had a slue of recent happenings. The most noticeable will have been Lindsay’s first blog post last week. Lindsay is our web fulfillment person and will be blogging (hopefully) once a week about customer and staff projects. If you’re a web customer and want to share your current wip or recent fo, be sure to shoot Lindsay an email [info(at)knit-purl(dot)com] and she’ll be glad to blog about it.

Next, we have some photographic leftovers (that I just found in the back of our fridge camera’s media card), which I thought our blog readers might find amusing…

First, during Sock Summit, we had many sock-themed goodies at our various events. Including sock-shaped cookies…

Sock Cookies

and sock-shaped doughnuts, made for us specially by Voodoo Doughnuts:

Sock Doughnuts

Something you cannot but love, right? Socks and doughnuts… together in a non-sticky-wool way!

There was also a pic from last week’s “No Mean Feet!” – which I can’t recall why it was relevant now, but thought might still be interesting to our readers out in BlogLand:

No Mean Feet

During which I took a photo of Hannah’s literally just-finished BeGyle Socks:


Cute, huh? That link up there, btw, goes to Hannah’s ravelry journal if you want more information on the socks. You have to give her props, since she knit them (argyle socks!) in 18 days! That’s just over two weeks. It kind of makes me dizzy, actually…

Moving on, we have this lovely (if slightly blurry and anonymous) photo of a knitter and her recently-finished Vintage Baby Cardigan:

Vintage Baby Cardigan

I’m afraid I have no more information than that. Maybe the knitter (or the knitter’s friends) read this blog and might help a poor, befuddled knit-blogger out?

Now, onto the more recent goings-on. First, very exciting, we have our Twitterific Sock Contest! Don’t know about this? Check out our most recent Newsletter or the Twitterific Sock Contest page.

Oooh, it’s gonna be exciting (we hope). We’re going to give away one membership in our Sock Club to the lucky winner. In the spirit of inspiration and leading the way and Good Old-Fashioned Silliness*, we posted the first image:

Twitterific Sock Contest

Lindsay and I had fun with entertaining the masses at Pioneer Courthouse Square. If you’re thinking about participating, do! The prizes are amazing (one year’s membership in the Sock Club or a KnitPod or ShibuiKnits Sock yarn) and it’s not hard to enter. Seriously. If the Sandies can tweet, anyone can.

And finally, we have from last night’s The Yarnover’s (Lace Knitters Night), an extremely blurry photo in which at least two of the victims subjects are visibly trying to escape**:

The Yarnovers

But, it’s worth mentioning (aside from the ha!-we-caught-you factor), as three of the knitters last night were working on their Girasole Shawls from our recent KAL. It was a nice big group, too, with ten knitters on the first night! Maybe lace knitting is bigger than we think, but just really really quiet.

It could happen.

Anyway. Until next time, you might want to check out our lovely Twitterific Sock Contest page, our recently updated Calendar of Events page and, quite possibly, stalk #twitterificsock on twitter. It’s gonna be great!

* We’re good at that, we know.
**Nice try, Marj & Leslie.

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August 25, 2009 by Sara M
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