We like the fuscia here.

Which has nothing to do with Franklin’s talk (see further below), but it certainly makes sense in terms of current staff projects. Like, oh, Marjorie’s Skif Heart (IP):

Majorie's Skif landscape

Currently being knit with over a dozen different yarns that are nearly all in the hot pink to purple-pink range. Even the marigold and orange you see there comes from a painted yarn that has, you guessed it, pink and purple as well.

Next, we have Kristin’s Mystery Sweater (also IP), that I cannot find on ravelry (and it’s Kristin’s weekend right now…), but clearly it’s a shade of purpley-pink:

Mystery project

And, finally, we have the Children’s Bolero I am making for my niece, Tegan, (IP):

Children's bolero

Using ShibuiKnits Merino Worsted in “Peony”.

Are you sensing a strange trend here? It’s a bit weird, actually. All of a sudden, our projects match. It must be something in the water.

But at least I also have this, my natural white cashmere lace:

Cashmere cocoon lace

(Evelyn Clark’s Cocoon Lace Scarf or Wrap and Cashmere 1)

Which I somehow convinced Franklin (yes, that Franklin) to hold in lieu of a traveling sock :

Franklin and the traveling lace scarf

He’s such a good sport. And hilariously funny. If you missed his lecture last night, well… I don’t have to words to describe such a side-splitting experience. I did manage to snap a shot before the event really started…

Eager knitters

But completely forgot to take any photos during or after. Yes, I know. Bad blogger, no cookie.

If you did miss it, I suppose I shouldn’t mention the trivia and prizes (knitting cartoon totes!), or silly photos, or Victorian patterns or… never mind. It would be cruel to go on. In the end, we had two seats left (not bad with 35 chairs squeezed in the room with a projector and screen), which you can see right there. Next time (yes, Franklin’s promised to visit us again, apparently we aren’t that odd), we’re thinking a bigger venue would be quite lovely.

And, lastly, to prove we like all the colors of the rainbow* (not just the purpley-pink ones):

Kitchen Safe Dyeing samples

I have a basket of samples for my upcoming Kitchen-Safe Dyeing workshop. I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all, but I’ve been nagged by several coworkers. So, there, I’ve mentioned it and even put out samples on the coffee table. Make what you will of it.

Until next time, stay colorful!

*Although, it may be fair to say we like some colors more than others.

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September 29, 2009 by Sara M
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