Just forget Death by Chocolate

We’ve got the new way to overdose through decadence with the new Staccato, by ShibuiKnits. Can I just say, “Yum!”? 

Is that a technical term? ‘Cause it really should be.  I mean, look at it:

No, wait, you should touch it.  The fiber content, just FYI, is 65% Superwash Merino, 30% Silk, 5% NylonI played with a skein and made an a-MAZE-ing sock with it in the Ivory…

Which, unfortunately, I cannot show you just yet.  Patience, though, shall be rewarded.  I did, however, buy two skeins of Staccato in Cotton Candy last night…

For some fun and flirty socks.  There might be a few discreet ruffles involved.  It’s tempting me to go ultra-fem.  Must be the combination of the pink and the silk.

But don’t be limited by my madness.  Take a minute and imagine the possibilities.  Like, oh, Connie Chang Chinchio’s new Geodesic Cardigan:

(from the latest KnitScene)

Or, how about Hannah Fettig’s best-selling Featherweight Cardigan?

I know I’m tempted, anyway.  They’d be fantastic Spring knits and would only take 5 – 10 skeins of Staccato. 

Shop talk.  My goodness, lots has been happening around here.  We have quite a few new yarn lines in (see above, below, and the last post!), several new patterns and, well, a flurry of activity.  Just wait for the next Newsletter, it’s gonna be a doozy.

Anyway.  Onto vicarious knitting.  I convinced Jenny (our graphic designer) to share her in-progress Man Glove (remember her New Year’s Resolution?), which is nearing completion:

Resolute Glove

For the inquiring mind, the yarn is Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca in “Mist Grey”.  The pattern is vintage, which vintage we don’t know, but I’d guess the 40’s.  It’s lookin’ good, right?  We’re trying to encourage Jenny, so feel free to leave comments!  We’ll make sure she gets them.

Next, well, this also involves another New Year’s Resolution.  Amazingly, Lindsay is managing to both fulfill and break her resolution in one go.  Lindsay is taking Judy Wilcox’s Two Socks on Two Circulars class and has fallen mad in love with the technique.  In fact, she just bought another skein of sock yarn, Madelinetosh Glazed Sock in “Violin”, to cast on another pair…

Sock Addiction

Which she plans to have to the heel (along with the green pair above – Shibui Sock in Seaweed) by the next class on Sunday.  I see a wicked addiction in the making.  But, call me callous, I’m sick of being the only sock addict on staff, so I’m not saying anything

Oh, alright, I did tease her a bit.  Feel free to leave comments, she’ll definitely see them!

Lastly, we have an overwhelmingly huge new selection of Rowan yarns in the store.  They’re not on the web yet, but they will be soon.  The additions include new colors of Denim, Summer Tweed and All Seasons Cottons.  Also in the photography box is the new Purelife Revive, which is an awesome thing (recycled silk, recycled cotton, and recycled rayon).

Rowan Spring Buds

Expect to see these beauties on the website in a couple of weeks.
And, before I go, here’s a super-cute Jake & Co. photo:

Jake & Co.

Just because.

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February 02, 2010 by Sara M
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