Fashionknitsta Thursday: 3/18/10

Hello everyone! It’s Thursday again, and if you saw Sara’s post yesterday you’ll know that after years of waiting Solveig Hisdal’s legendary Poetry In Stitches is finally back in print and that I’m working as quickly as possible to get them out of here to you! So, in light of this, I won’t be able to properly give Fashionknitsta the attention it needs today, but I have some great runway and everyday knitwear inspiration that I just can’t wait to share.

First, I saw this on The Sartorialist the other day and absolutely and immediately fell in love with this knit short look:

What a great layering idea, perfect for the winter to spring transition. I wish I could get a detail shot of these, I expect they would have been machine knit though the gauge looks as though it could have been hand done. What do you think? I think I’d love to have a pair out knit out of the (I’m sure you can guess) Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca. I’ve done a couple quick Ravelry searches, but haven’t quite found the correct pattern for these.

One of my favorite collections shown for Fall/Winter 2010 by far was Louis Vuitton. Visually, a beautiful show overall (I suggest watching a video of it if you have a chance), the clothes and accessories alike were absolutely breathtaking. Similar to the Prada collection, Vuitton went with a retro feel, though they went quite a bit more lady-like and delicate (Mad Men, anyone? Joan vs. Betty?). The silhouette for this collection was very feminine and high-waisted, with full skirts done in cottons, silks, and wools and accented with some great knit pieces. Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Love the idea of layering a knit dress over another skirt like this, the textures are just fantastic. I haven’t had the time to do a proper Ravelry hunt for this look, but so far I’ve come up with this sweater from Drops Design, which I expect could easily be made longer.

It’s a sport weight Alpaca held double so again, Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca would be perfect. I’d also love to see it in the Isager Alpaca 2 held doubled.

I love the idea of the classic fisherman sweater made more modern and feminine. You can tell it’s quite heavily cabled and there’s definitely some bobbles, but it still manages to look delicate. The contrast of textures in this look is just beautiful, I wish I could see a detail shot of the sweater.

Similar to the first look I think this one has a bit more imagination. I love the cables and it looks as though its been painted on post-knitting. How else could you get that perfect scallop at the bottom? Again, wish I had a detail shot.

I promise I will look for all of these and investigate them a bit more in-depth, once I take care of all of these books. Now, before I get distracted, I should get back to that. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Check back next week for another edition of Fashionknitsta. Until then (as always), stay chic, blogfans!


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March 18, 2010 by Lindsay
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