Slight delay…

There was no blog post or tutorial (!) last week because I couldn’t get Sandy Kay to hold still long enough.  She’s the only person on staff with a manicure and who will actually let her hands be photographed, so making up a tutorial is rather dependent on holding her down in one spot.  But, do not fear, I shall prevail this week and corner her with the camera and sample that we need to steek. 

I also have blog-worthiness but can’t get the photos off of the camera, simply because the camera USB cord has completely disappeared.  This is beginning to look suspicious.  David, our IT guy, has promised to find me one tomorrow.  So, come heck or high water, we shall have a blog post and tutorial tomorrow.

So, until then, please forgive our tardiness and stay dry!


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March 30, 2010 by Sara M
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