Mix ‘n’ match

Just had to share this. We had so much fun last night during our Skif It Yarn Sampling!

Skif It sampling

Nine knitters plus Sandy Kay and I made for a room packed full of knitting enthusiasm. Plus, it was really interesting to see how people combined the 10 yarns provided:

Choose your yarn

Next time I swear I’ll get photos of the swatches everyone made. Honest. They were too cool to miss.

Also, our mystery Skif knitter from last week was at the Sampling and informed us that she has updated her ravelry journal to include more information about her awesome Skif:

Mystery knitter unveiled!

Liza, aka mythliza, is in the center. And now I must go back to being productive. I swear I called Sandy Kay to remind her to bring her sewing machine today, so we can do our Steaking Tutorial. We’ll see what happens. Check back this afternoon for a new Fashionknitsta Thursday post!

~Sara M.

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April 08, 2010 by Sara M
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