Reasons to celebrate.

My goodness, have we got some reasons to party hearty around here.  Our List of Awesome is quite lengthy, so you might want to get a snack and put on some comfy clothes before reading this post.

For starters our…

5 Year Anniversary is TOMORROW!

That’s right, blogfans, Knit Purl turns 5 YEARS OLD on April 15th.  Crazy, right?  Check out the blog (here), our ravelry group, our twitter feed, and our facebook fan page for some fun and quirky contests tomorrow that involve a series of Awesome prizes that range from FREE yarn to knitting bags to needle cases to, well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Another bit of Awesome?  We finally got our Stress-free Steeking Tutorial up!  It took a little perseverance, as we forgot a sewing machine and then lost the sample and then Sandy Kay had to go a help her niece in Kansas.  But we got it done and I think you’ll find it interesting.

Next on the list: Felted Sweets.

Felted Sweets

Made by LeBrie Rich of PenFelt; who, incidentally, will be selling these super-cute cakes at the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale on May 1 & 2.  We might just have to borrow the big cake for our birthday tomorrow…

While LeBrie was visiting yesterday, Darcy had to try on the Cake Head(band)

Cake Head(band)

That’s a snazzy headband there.

Which we had to photograph for posterity.

Also, on the List of Awesome, we have two pairs of First Socks from this Sunday:

Georgia's First Socks

Pair #1 is by Georgia and was made with Noro Silk Garden Sock.

Luci's First Socks
Pair #2 was made by Luci with Lorna’s Laces Sock.

Both now-sock-knitters were in Judy’s popular Two Socks on Two Circulars class and finished their pairs on the same day.  Congratulations to them!  May many more pairs of handknit socks be in their futures.

Another dynamic duo from this weekend were two students from LeBrie’s Felted Techno Cozies workshop:

Felted Techno Cozies

Who, unfortunately, I do not have any information on.  But their cozies are clearly very cool.

And the list of Awesome continues with the Perfect baby gift set by Andrea.  Click the link, fave it on ravelry, and be sure to coo where people can hear you.  It’s adorable.

Yet another item of Awesome (you thought we were done?  ha!) is definitive proof that Estonian Mittens DO Exist All Around the World.  Maybe it’s a global mitten conspiracy, but here it is – or, rather, they are:

Estonian Mittens

See that?  Mittens bought by Kaaren in Estonia (years ago, many years before the book was published) that match the mittens in the book exactly.  How very cunning these Estonian mitten knitters are.  Truly, look at the mad skills they possess:

Estonian Mittens - closeup

Notice that, in some rows, there are three colors!  Madness.  And Greatness.  They’re also quite attractive and fit really well (of course we tried them on).  Now we all feel that we must make Estonian mittens for next winter.  Clearly, the International Estonian Mitten Plot is working.  (whatever that is)

On the non-conspiracy theory section of our List of Awesome comes the new Addi Natura circular needles:

The needles are super-smooth bamboo that are paired with the well-loved Addi joins and cords.  These things are just plain lovely.  You’ll never want to knit with another set of bamboo needles again after trying the Natura.

Another stock update that is Awesome?  We received a gianormous box from Malabrigo that contained many of the beautiful colors we know you love and have been asking for…


So come and grab it while you can.  This stuff goes like hotcakes.

Lastly on our List of Awesome is a personal triumph.  When we decided to try and carry The Knitter magazine, published in Britain, we had no idea that they’d fill our orders at the same time as British carriers.  That means that we get the magazine almost exactly the same time as British yarn stores.  This is a major triumph, as most American carriers (large bookstores, really) are several months behind – so we have to sit and sigh and look at the pretties on ravelry until the mag hits the shelves.

Well, not any more. 

I was super-excited to open a box from Britain this Monday and see this peeking out:

Issue 17 of The Knitter (published April 2010).  Especially since I had seen the sneak peek from Issue 16 (March) and been very interested in the number of complex cable patterns shown.  My favorite new obsession?  The Celtic Leaves shawl:

This pattern has so many techniques it should come with a warning label.  Lace, cables, pleats, the Channel Island Cast On, you name it.  And it’s gorgeous, too.  (Don’t you love how that’s almost an afterthought?)

Of course, if you’re not a masochist like me, you might like one of the many beautiful and less mind-bendy patterns from this issue.  So far staff favorites are the shawl above (not just me!), the cool twisted stitch mitts, and the Fair Isle pillow.  Check out the pattern preview on our website for more. 

And that completes our List of Awesome.  Wow, my fingers are kind of numb from typing all that. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our Birthday contests AND another edition of Fashionknitsta Thursday.  Until then, enjoy the Awesome!

~Sara M.

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April 14, 2010 by Sara M
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