5 for 5 Knitting Wit Contest

Anyone who has been watching us these past five years will have noticed that we tend to be a little whimsical and quite quirky. To celebrate this tendency, we’re having another contest to test our customers’ knitterly humor with the 5 for 5 Knitting Wit Contest.

Winners will receive $25 Gift Cards for being exceptionally quirky.

Would you like a slice of felted birthday cake?

To enter, contestants need to come up with 5 suggestions for one (or more) of the categories below. Only one entrant will win per category. Contestants may enter for all categories, but are limited to one entry per category. Only entries with FIVE suggestions will be accepted. Contestants must include their entry’s category when they submit.

Starting today (April 16, 2010) and ending midnight on Wednesday, April 21 (2010), we’ll be accepting submissions. The winners will be announced in the April 23rd Newsletter. To submit, simply reply to this post or email us at info(at)knit-purl(dot)com with your five suggestions.

Remember, this is all meant to be fun and not to be taken too seriously.  The 5 categories are:

  1. 5 most inventive methods of hiding your stash from your family/ significant other/ roommates. 
  2. 5 most creative excuses to go yarn shopping.  (“My dog ate my knitting,” anyone?)
  3. 5 most clever ways to acquire more knitting time.
  4. 5 most unique stitch marker alternatives in a pinch (this is for our MacGyvers out there!)
  5. 5 most unusual places where knitting should be required.

Have fun and good luck!

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April 16, 2010 by Sara M
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