Behind schedule.

So, I’ll admit it was my fault that Fashionknitsta Thursday was posted last Friday (sorry ’bout that!), but a combination of events this week (Sandy Kay working Wednesday – Sunday being not the least of them) has thrown us bloggers a bit off of our schedule.  Sandy Kay and I are going to make every effort to get a tutorial or two done tomorrow, come what may.  Lindsay is also resolved to be our darling Fashionknitsta tomorrow, as well.  Please forgive the delay.

In the interim, however, I have some lovely customer and staff projects to tide you over.  First, a most intriguing WIP from Katherine, Waverley:

Katherine's Wavelry IP

Knit with Habu Textiles Shosenshi Paper A-60 and Silk/ Stainless Steel A-20/21 (Katherine opted for the silk blend, instead of the wool).  The ensuing texture is quite fascinating and looks like it will be a wonderfully comfortable pullover come summer.  To make things interesting, pleats have been added to utilize the architectural nature of the yarns to their best ability:

Katherine's Wavelry closeup

I hope Katherine will bring it in (or wear it in!) when she finishes.  Don’t tell Lindsay, but I think this pattern would have made a great Fashionknitsta feature.  Aaand, moving on…

Beth brought in her IP Hepburn sweater:

Beth's Hepburn cardigan IP

Which is, admittedly, without sleeves.  I understand that sleeves are forthcoming.  At the moment, though, it also makes a great vest:

Beth's Hepburn cardigan IP modeled

Which is not something you can say for every pattern!  The pattern, incidentally, is from Lace Style.  The yarn is an unknown element as Beth acquired it by raiding her mother’s stash.  She thinks it might be a discontinued Rowan yarn.

Next we have Joanne’s completely finished sock yarn blanket!

Joanne's sock yarn blanket

This is something of an achievement for many local knitters, as we all donated sock yarn scraps to the effort.  How exciting to see it come to fruition.  Joanne has been knitting this blanket for months (almost as long as Lindsay was knitting hers… though, you’ll have to wait a bit for that story!).

On the list of other Great Accomplishments, we have Nancy’s Skif Heart pullover:

Nancy's Heart - finishing

Which was the focus of a quick lesson on sewing handknits with a machine.  I’m afraid, however, that the sweater was a little large on Nancy, so we’re going to try tailoring it the next time she comes in…  Maybe that will be a tutorial!

Lastly, and this is truly a Great Achievement, Lindsay has (once and for all) finished the blanket of DOOOOM:

Well, not doom.  Okay, maybe a bit.  It turns out (as we all watched Lindsay in horrified fascination for five months) that the blanket took 115,000 stitches (seriously, we did the math!), over five pounds of alpaca yarn, and countless hours of her life.

But the result is gorgeous.  Simply amazing.  We all took turns petting it and wrapping up in it’s pure alpaca lusciousness.  If you want to see more pictures of the fun we had with the Blanket of Doom (a.k.a. “The Beast”), check it out on flickr.  Maybe we can even get Lindsay to put some pics on her ravelry journal.

Before I depart (it’s past 6pm already?!), I have some staff projects (see?  we do knit… occassionally):

Staff projects

On top is Eva’s Zig Zag Headband, followed by Lindsay’s Vintage Baby Cardigan (shown in Earth Shibui Sock), and my in progress Skif Jess.  None of which are on our ravelry journals.  Bad us.

And, finally, this is a new thing – but I thought I might share some of the cool web finds that we’ve been obsessing over here at Knit Purl:

Just because.  Until tomorrow, in which there will hopefully be a tutorial or two, keep on stitching!
~ Sara M.

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April 27, 2010 by Sara M
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