Back on schedule.

First and foremost, have you seen our Blocking Circular Lace tutorial?

Blocking Circular Lace Tutorial - art shot 2

It’s a doozy.  Jenny got carried away (I was actually in this tutorial, not just shooting it) and did some beautiful art shots, bless her.  I could get carried away and wax eloquent about the play of the light and shadows all that, but I’ll just let you admire them yourself.  The best part of such an accomplishment was, of course, the fact that we finally blocked Sandy Kay’s Girasole!

Now, we’ve had a couple of recurring questions about the mailing we sent out on April 30th.  To jog your memory, here’s a silly shot (or two) of Lindsay with the shawl in question:

Petrie & Volt (front)
Petrie & Volt (back)

The samples shown are Grace Anna Farrow’s Volt (shawl) from The Fine Line and Beautia Dew’s Petrie (shell) from the Spring+Summer 2010 issue of Knitty.

But, back to the questions, which (to the best of my knowledge) were:

Q: Do you carry all the yarns/ colors suggested in the book?

A: We do.  Some are currently out of stock after this Friday’s eCard, but they are on order and should arrive soon.

Q: When will the booklet The Fine Line be back in stock?

A: When we realized so many knitters would be interested, we contacted the supplier.  The first shipment of books arrived today and the second shipment will arrive later this week.

If you missed it, There’s A Fine Line has been added to our Newsletter & eCard Archive.  Now, we’ll admit that we thought the book would be popular – the shawls are beautiful, ingenious, and really well-photographed – but we honestly didn’t expect to sell out in an hour.  Please be patient with us if you, like Kristin F. and I, are still waiting for a copy.

And now that we’ve taken care of those two items, let’s get back to the important blog stuff – the knitting!  Kate came in last week wearing a cardigan she had designed and knit:

Kate's Kureyon cardigan (front)

and the back (shawl collar!):

Kate's Kureyon cardigan (back)

Which I cannot find on ravelry.  Maybe Kate will send us a link?  One of us will try and ask her when she comes in the store next.  The notes we have on the cardigan are pretty slim – just that it was a personal pattern and used 7 balls of Noro Kureyon.  And that’s all we’ve got.

Next, we’ve got Ben’s scarf-in-progress:

Ben's colorblock scarf

Being knit with two colors of Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds Bulky, using a personal pattern.  Gotta give the man props for doing intarsia without a pattern. 

Then, finally, we have some Staff Projects (which, admittedly, took some wrangling):

Staff projects

Cutest of all is Eva’s itty bitty sweater:

Eva's teeny tiny sweater

The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple’s ‘Little Girl’s Shrug’, which is a new pattern and should go up on the website this week.  The yarn is Malabrigo Sock held double – one strand of Indiecita and one strand of Aquas.  The overall watercolor effect is delicious and has been making me rethink the possibilities of Malabrigo Sock outside of, well, socks. 

Then we have Lindsay’s super-cool hat:

Lindsay's Merino 5 hat

So cool, in fact, that she doesn’t need a pattern.  She’s winging this one with a personal design.  The yarn is Catherine Lowe Couture Yarns Merino 5, in Smoke.  Yum.  We’ve all taken turns today petting it and feeling the fabric.  It’s so light for a hat (a result of the parallel-plies).  This project has also had some of us rethink using Catherine Lowe Couture Yarns for all sorts of projects…

Next, we have my (Sara M’s) Liesl OTN:

Sara M's Liesl

Plus a pocket shot (I felt the need to share):

Liesl pocket closeup

The pattern is from cocoknits and I love it, though it has been a teensy bit confusing at times.  I may just shoot Julie an email and let her know.  The yarns, however, are not confusing – they are gorgeous.  I must now admit that I am totally addicted to Habu Textiles Linen Lace XS-55.  This is my second project using it and I’m already trying to figure out a third.  It’s just so crisp and smooth and lovely to work with!  I’m alternating holding the Ocean Blue (#5) with either Isager Knit Viscolin or Hoere in color #47 (dark teal), to create a marbled fabric.

And, finally, d’ya know that Marj had the audacity to give her finished Vintage Baby Cardigan (remember it?) before getting a photo?! It’s just plain sad when your coworkers are set out to undermine you, eh? (She’s promised an on-the-baby photo when said baby has been born, so keep your fingers crossed.)

With that, and it being almost 6 pm, I’d say we’re as updated as we’re going to get.  Check back later this week for another edition of Fashionknitsta (and, no, I don’t know what happened to last week’s edition) on Thursday.  Until then, happy knitting!

~Sara M.

*Which was started last July during our Girasole KAL!

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May 04, 2010 by Sara M
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