Fashionknitsta Thursday: 6/3/10

Hello, and happy Thursday everyone! I heard on the radio this morning that today is Portland’s 19th straight day of rain (depressing), but at least it’s great knitting weather! Today, I have a few really great things to share and also a super special KAL I’m very excited to announce!

The first pattern I have to share is Hannah Fettig‘s (designer of my favorites the Featherweight Cardigan, and the Lightweight Pullover) new pattern, the Wispy Cardigan.

The suggested yarn for this beautiful cardigan is Malabrigo Lace Baby, which I think is a beautiful choice, I’d also love to see it in the Isager Alpaca 1 or new Madeline Tosh Prairie laceweight we got in last week and have already sold out of.

The Wispy pattern is similar to her Whisper Cardigan pattern from the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits, but there are some clear differences as she explains on her blog. Both are knit with a lace weight yarn, though Wispy has straight sleeves instead of flared, the shaping is done a bit differently, and Wispy comes in a wider range of sizes (including children’s!).

The next thing I have to share is purely inspirational. Nihan Altuntas is a Turkish knitwear designer who released her first two official collections this year, Rebirth and Glamour. After a bit of hunting I was able to locate her Etsy shop, but haven’t found a website for her yet. Here are a couple of the pieces I really love:


Cat Burglar Top


Beautifully knit (and photographed!) and completely customizable, these are truly special garments. Check out a great article and interview with Nihan along with her catalog here.

If you keep up with our blog and newsletter, you’ve probably seen the popular patterns Thursday and the Paper Crane by assemblage. Lately we’ve seen another of designer Kirsten Johnstone’s patterns develop a definite following. Sev[en] circle is a free pattern available through her blog, assemblage, and just this week we’ve had two customers bring in their finished versions:

Margit brought in her finished sev[en] circle, knit for her by her sister as a gift, in Mirasol Project’s merino, silk, and bamboo blend Nuna. This is a new yarn for us and I’ve been just itching to try it. She said it too just one skein and there were only about 6 inches left over. It works up so perfectly in this pattern, and it’s really what pushed me over the edge to HAVE to make one of these for myself. The pattern is written in two sizes, one with sport weight yarn and one lace, though experimenting (as seen below!) with both yarn weight and size of loops is encouraged in this lovely pattern.

This next version was brought in by Virginia, she used several different left-over Habu yarns she had in her stash to make this completely gorgeous and one-of-a-kind accessory.

You’ve probably guessed by now, but I’d like to invite anyone who would like to to join myself (and several coworkers) in a sev[en] circle KAL to go through this month. I’ve even created a thread in our Knit Purl Ravelry forum so you can share your yarn choices and post pictures of progress! As I said before, I’m going with the Mirasol Nuna in color 17 Emerald Green. I CO yesterday, but I promise I haven’t gone any farther than that.

Sara HAD to take this picture and I think it’s hilarious, I’m obviously in a pretty specific green stage right now. It’s early, but I can tell I’m really going to like knitting with the Nuna, and I’m using the new-to-us Addi Natura needles for the first time. Typically I’m a die hard metal needle fan, but these slick bamboo babies might be swaying me.

Hope you’ll join me for the KAL and check back next week for another edition of Fashionknitsta. Let’s cross our fingers for a bit of sunshine before then, and as always, stay chic blogfans!


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June 03, 2010 by Lindsay
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