Getting busy

Wow, I was all set to blog about the fantabulous customer and staff projects we have saved up… until I realised that we haven’t reminded all y’all of all the fantastic goings on in Portland and Oregon this week(end)! How could we miss that?  Well, never fear, we’ve got you covered.

First, do you remember the knitnotwar 1,0o0 kal we held?  Back in 2009?  Well, all 1000 cranes have been collected and strung by organizer Seann and are now on display in Portland!  

 (borrowed from the Oregonian)

Locals (and visitors, too) can see all of the many, many handknit cranes at the Ace Hotel through the end of June.  If you’re one of our many participants who helped make this installation possible, we hope you will either visit the installation or see the knitnotwar website and add your name to the list of contributors.  We at Knit Purl thank you for making this project possible.  (Also, for the non-locals, I shall try and endeavor to convince Jenny to head over there with the Nikon and take some beautiful art shots to share with you.)

Second, there are two spots left in LeBrie’s Happy Hour class tomorrow: Felted Necklaces.

The class was inspired by all those cool art necklaces we’ve been seeing on the runways.  If you’d like to learn to make your own, sign up online or call us (866-656-5648) to reserve a spot.

Third, Jared arrives on Friday!  Don’t miss his book signing on Friday evening (6 – 8 pm), during which we will serve champagne, and Jared will be available to chat with and hound for autographs.  Then, starting on Saturday, he’ll be teaching several really awesome classes.  Two are full – the laces ones, interestingly enough, but there are a couple of spots left for latecomers.  I think.  You might want to check the Classes page to confirm that. 

Personally, I think his Seamless Sweater workshop on Saturday sounds amazing, but I can’t go (there are two spots left, though) because I’ve promised to go to the Black Sheep Gathering on that day!  If you haven’t heard of Black Sheep Gathering, and don’t feel like taking a class this weekend, you might want to saunter down to Eugene because the BSG is a major event in these parts.  Especially if you’re a spinner… or felter… or knitter.  It’s just generally big on the wool.

I’ll also be there as a square in the annual game of Black Sheep Bingo (it’s true) and not just shopping (honest); so, if you’re playing, you might want to look for me on Saturday. 

And with that, we have four events this week(and end).  I expect all y’all will be too busy knitting and spinning and felting to really care if we wait until next week to post a HUGE update with two weeks’ worth of customer and staff projects.  So, until then, have fun seeing/ learning/ doing something new!

– Sara M.

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June 15, 2010 by Sara M
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