Our Biggest Post EVER

It’s in the running, anyway.  After all, it has taken me two weeks to write it.  You might want to go and get a cold drink and a comfy chair before reading this one. 

First and foremost, we have a collection of truly lovely projects – but no project details.  Why? you ask.  Well, there are several reasons: sometimes we lose them (and we’re really sorry about that), sometimes knitters don’t have time to fill out a project sheet, and sometimes they just don’t want to fill one out.  So, after collecting up all the info-less project photos from the past month, I have made a collage:

Mystery customer projects

You can see each individual image on our flickr account – and maybe even claim an image or two, if you’d like.  We’re always glad to reunite knitters and project photos.

Next, we have a looong list of amazing knitters who are truly challenging themselves, and are willing to record it, too.  Whatever your particular knitting addiction is, I think we have some eye candy just for you.

Starting with Nicole’s gorgeous in-progress Harika socks:

Nicole's Harika Socks - Tosh Sock

Being knit with Madelinetosh Glazed Sock in Baltic and Citrus (great color combination, right?).  The pattern is by Stephanie van der Linden and was published in the Winter 2008 issue of Twist Collective.  And, lookie, I found Nicole’s socks on ravelry!

I have to admit that socks like Harika and Wallflower make me super excited for the upcoming Sock Club year, because Stephanie has agreed to design a pair of Fair Isle socks for this coming year.  I just can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

But that’s going to have to wait, because we have more projects to share.  Since we’ve been discussing socks, what a natural transition to Katie’s First Socks (ever), which is always momentous:

Kate's First Socks

Katie brought them in to show ’em off, as she should.  First Socks are a milestone in knitting and need to be celebrated.  We were very impressed by how well they matched.  My first socks were not so even or,  y’know… wearable.  These socks were made with “heirloom stash”, so we don’t have any information on them.  One can only hope that they’re machine washable.  Either way, good job, Katie!

Next we have an adorable little bolero for a lucky little girl, knit by Juli:

Juli's KP&S Children's Bolero - Rowan Felted Tweed

Using Rowan Felted Tweed in Bilberry and the Knitting Pure & Simple Children’s Bolero pattern.  Juli used a DK weight yarn (the pattern calls for worsted yarn) to make the finished sweater a little smaller.  I think we can all agree that the result is too cute!

And, speaking of cute – it’s KITTEH time!


Sorry, couldn’t resist.  The kitten formerly known as Bagheera came by for another visit and we couldn’t resist.

Okay, back to the subject at hand.  We have another amazing FO to share, a beautiful shawl from The Fine Line, knit by Nora:

Nora's Dawn - Isager Wool 1

For her sister in Vienna.  Lucky sister!  The pattern, Dawn, is such a impressive design.  Nora chose to change the palette a little, making the color changes more striking, instead of gradient.  The finished piece is gorgeous, though, and it’s nice to see a departure from the sample in the book.  Can’t but love the gauzy semi-sheer fabric when the laceweight Wool 1 is knit on larger needles.

Our next project is the antithesis of dawn – twilight.  As in “Twilight Cuffs”:

Maya's Twilight Cuffs - Black Trillium, Kidsilk Haze, Art Yarns

Knit by M, who admitted to being a closet Twilight fan, so we shall not use her full name and ‘out’ her.  The cuffs were knit with three different yarns: Black Trillium Sock, Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and ArtYarns Mohair & Silk.  M made them for The Author and is planning on making another set inspired by the Volturi.  The design was all her own. 

On a completely different note, I have snagged a couple of Eva’s photos of her in-progress Aran Necklace Camisole:

Aran Necklace (IP)

Last I checked, she’d finished the cabling and was looking forward to lots and lots of plain knitting.  Well, I say ‘looking forward’…  Anyway.  It’s going to be gorgeous and completely worth the hours of stockinette.  Though, the way the weather has been acting, she might have to wear a wool sweater over it!  Here’s her project journal on ravelry, for more information.

But, wait, there’s more!  Up next we have Bonnie’s awesome handspun yarn:

Bonnie's handspun - Fleece Artist BFL roving

Spun single-ply, using Fleece Artist Bluefaced Leicester roving.  Which we do currently have in stock.  Lovely!  Hopefully she’ll bring in whatever she knits with it.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  {{hint:hint}}

Aaand, last but most certainly not least, we have Nancy’s magnificent finished Girasole shawl:

Nancy's Girasole - Handmaiden Sea Silk in Amethyst

Say it with me, “Wow”. She used Handmaiden Sea Silk (luscious!) in Amethyst and the result is just glorious.  If you’ve never petted a Sea Silk shawl, you should.  It’s entirely decadent (we have one on display right now, in fact).  But back to the beauty above.  I wish Nancy had posted this on ravelry, because this is a project that deserves some love. The pattern may have caused her a little frustration, but I think she was very pleased with the results.  Who wouldn’t be?

And, with that, we have been brought up to date with all the lovely projects that enterprising knitters have brought it and shown off.  With luck, our regularly scheduled blogging (including tutorial!) will resume next week.  Of course, be sure to look for another edition of Fashionknitsta this Thursday.  Lindsay might just be closing in on finishing her Ishbel.

Until next week, watch out for La Niña!
Sara M.

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July 13, 2010 by Sara M
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