Back again and knitspired.

This post is long overdue.  I’m embarrassed by the silence of the blog over the past two months and do regret it.  I’m afraid an apology wouldn’t quite fit as it isn’t though we’ve been ignoring the blog, we’ve just been so darned busy around here.  So many new yarns, new employees (two!), and a series of staff vacations have left us scrambling.

But, finally, everyone has settled in/ returned to their rightful places, and things are slowly returning to normal.  With that, we should very much like to resume our blog schedule.  In fact, though Linday (our resident Fashionknitsta) has been stolen from the web promoted, she WILL be posting a Fashionknitsta Fall Update this Thursday.  Look for it!

Me, myself?  So much has happened in the last two months.  My ankle healed and I took a (much-needed) vacation.  A book was published under my name.  That’s right, your Knit Purl webmistress/ truent blogger has put together a small collection of sock patterns under the title, you guessed it, Shibui Socks.

Crazy, huh?

Anyway.  Because Lindsay has been kidnapped stolen brainwashe promoted and I’m just not as connected upstairs as I used to be, we’re working on keeping the blog up-to-date and fresh, but still in the Knit Purl spirit.  Keep an eye on the feed for more changes (and some new names!) as we work towards a larger blogger pool and increased updates.

I will probably be moving away from store/ customer updates and on to other topics like my old favorite True Plies, which has seen a recent resurgence in the Newsletter(!), and cool knitspiration.  You may or may not know this, but I write the Newsletter as well as keep the website from exploding.  My two favorite parts of the Newsletter are the True Plies articles and the Treat Yourself suggestions (this last week’s Sericulture: A (Short) History of Silk was a personal favorite!). 

Interestingly enough, they’re two of the most comment-upon (and complimented) segments.  So, I’m thinking it’d be fun to do a weekly column on project ideas, industry news, and possibly the occasional educational article.  Whatever seems the most relevant and interesting at the time, really.  How’s that sound?

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Now, I like pretty things.  I like knitting them and I like wearing them.  Which is what makes knitting (and working in a knitting store) so very, very dangerous for me.  The yarn itself is temptation, the pattern whispers a sly ‘come hither’, and the finished project is a reason to preen for months, because I made that.  I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that all knitters (however deep down it’s buried) have an addiction to the pretty.  So, I say, why not collect the pretty and share?  Maybe, if I inspire enough people (and thus get vicarious pleasure from your knitting exploits), I might just keep my addiction manageable.

Unlikely, I know.  But sharing the pretty is also fun and a good use of blogspace.

Along that theme, I was searching on flickr and came across the most interesting photo group: Knitspiration.  What a great concept!  If you, like me, have an addition or affection for the pretty or glamorous, this is definitely a group to visit.

On our own shelves I’ve lately been fascinated by this new yarn, Rasta:

The fact that it knits up at 2 stitches per inch just fascinates me, quite frankly.  Anything made with it would be thick and chunky and very warm.  But also beautiful.  There, quite simply, is no such thing as ugly Malabrigo.  And the thought of a single-ply bulky yarn brings up some curiousities.  If any of you have tried it, I’m sure we’d love to hear what you think about it.  In fact, we’re working on a customer reviews function on the website, so we can know what you think about all the yarns we carry.

But that’s neither here nor there in regards to this post.  I thought I’d also mention that I’m working with the brand-new Malabrigo Rios right now, in the color Azul Profundo:

Because it is absolutely and completely delicious.  I love the feel of it and the squooshy texture of the four plies.  My one teeny-tiny complaint is that the skein I’m working with did not take the dye evenly and I actually have some weird white specks.  It’s so nice to work with, though, that I can’t bring myself to bring it back or complain to Malabrigo.  Which must be a testament in and of itself as to the sheer addictiveness of Rios. 

Quite simply, it is beautiful yarn and a real treat to work with.  I highly recommend it.  And what is the intended project, you ask?  Well, it will be something slightly similar to this:

Glee, by Rachel Bishop

Which was, interestingly enough, featured on Fashionknitsta Thursday back in June.  Rachel is an amazing designer and I definitely recommend trying any of her patterns (the Knitting Fates know I have a quite a few by her in my pattern collection).  I love this design and would love to knit it eventually.  Just have to find the right yarn.  Maybe Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca or The Fibre Co.’s Canopy.  Both would be amazing to knit and wear.

Anyway.  Back to what is and not what may be.  I am so super excited (really, like a 15-year-old girl) about this next announcement.  You might just want to sit down, in fact (if you’re not already).  Alice Starmore’s ground-breaking book, Aran Knitting, has been reprinted!!!*

Even better, it’s been expanded to include 42 more pages of content that range from an all-new design by the legendary Starmore to an unbelievable stitch library.  The new version is, admittedly, quite hefty and rather oversized.  It’s not something you’ll be able to slide into your project bag easily.  But it is a thing of absolute beauty and an unparalleled resource in terms of history, design, local perspective, and sheer inspiration.  The photography makes it a great knitter’s coffee table book, too.

If you an Alice Starmore fan or a cable fiend, this is an absolute must for your library.  You can be sure that we Knit Purlers grabbed our own copies the day it came in.  Luckily, we ordered extra copies and there are still a few books left.  But don’t expect that to last.  Aran Knitting is going in the Newsletter this Friday (you’ve been warned) and I expect it to absolutely run out the door.

Next on our list of pretty new arrivals, the Vogue Knitting Mittens & Gloves collection:

Which includes over forty of Vogue’s most famous and popular designs, such as Jared Flood’s infamous Druid Mittens

The cover patten from the Fall 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting that actually caused the magazine to sell out in record time.  Since I, myself, did not manage to snag a copy of this magazine (yes, it was gone that quickly!), I am very seriously considering buying a copy of the book.  The mittens are just that gorgeous.  Also, the book includes several breath-taking designs by artists such as Tanis Grey and Deborah Newton, so it’s truly an undeniable source of inspiration and great design.

Backing up to the subject of Jared Flood, have you seen his stunning new Shetland lace design?

Celes, a delicate lace shawl, has been designed using Isager’s luscious Alpaca 2 yarn.  A sumptuous sport weight blend of baby alpaca and Merino lambswool, it’s super-soft and light as a feather.  What a perfect pairing.  And the fact that the shawl only takes 3 skeins?  My virtual WIP basket just got bigger, lemme tell you.

We don’t have the pattern yet, but should by the end of the week (if you’d prefer a paper copy, printed on acid free linen paper).  If you’re like me and can’t wait that long, feel free to hop over to Jared’s ravelry shop and purchase an e-copy.  I’m thinking we might just need a Celes KAL, don’t you agree?

Incidentally, the adorable girl in the picture?  That’s right, she’s our expert stocker, Tessa!  We were so excited to see her on Jared’s blog.  She was visiting friends in New York and was snatched up by Jared to model.  How funny is that?

Now I must away.  Check back on Thursday for a new Fashionknitsta and be sure to look for future updates from more Knit Purl bloggers!

Happy knitting,
Sara M.

*Yes, I used three exclamation points.  The book is totally worth the additional two.

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September 20, 2010 by Sara M
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