Fashionknitsta Thursday: 9/23/10

Hello and happy Thursday, everyone! If you read Sara’s last post you’ll know why we’ve had such a lag, but it’s not an excuse and we are truly sorry! Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to keep up with Fashionknitsta as a regular column anymore; but, thankfully, Knit Purl is going to let me post if there is ever a time I’m so overly-inspired I can’t NOT share.
You might be aware that we are currently deep in the heart of the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion weeks, New York and London having both just finished and Milan opening yesterday. While I’m a year-round knitter, I tend to knit fall and winter pieces giving little thought knit garments that can be warn in the warmer months. So far we’ve seen an unusual amount of knitwear designs for a Spring/Summer season which I find refreshing and wonderfully inspiring. The A/W 2010 season was full of super chunky knits (seen everywhere from Prada, to Chloe, to Louis Vuitton) and Fair Isle (as seen at Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci), but the designs for S/S 2011 are (appropriately) much lighter and airier while still keeping the tone of elegance and femininity we saw last season.
The first collection I saw that really stood out this season was Jason Wu’s capsule collection for luxury knitwear house TSE. Here are my favorite looks:
I love the juxtaposition of the knit-on top/ woven-on bottom in this dress. It’s not exactly the same, but you could achieve a similar look layering this free pattern, the Drop Stitch Tunic from Lanaknits designs, under a high-waisted slim skirt. It would look great in Louet Euroflax Sport!

Lately, I feel like I’ve seen huge chunky infinity scarves everywhere. Which is great because I’m a big fan of chunky infinity scarves, like the Challah Infinity Scarf by Pam Powers of Art Fiber Design. I would so love to see a detail shot of this top, the gauge is so fine it would near impossible to reproduce a look like this by hand. It reminds me of the printed chiffon Fair Isle motifs from D&G last February.

While visually the last look was my favorite, technique-wise this dress is by far my favorite of the collection. Wu took sewn strips of chiffon and hand-knitted them into this dress, creating a garment that looks super chunky, while weighing almost nothing. What a fabulous way to do a chunky knit for warmer weather!  I did some Ravelry hunting and haven’t come up with a great pattern option for this look. If anyone sees something, please let me know.
The next collection I felt really showcased some great knits was Proenza Schouler:

This reminds me a bit of the Spring interpretation of those great looks I was so crazy about from Louis Vuitton’s A/W 2010. The sweater is a little lighter, the skirt a little more flowy, but I feel the spirit is similar.  Calm, by Kim Hargreaves, paired with a chiffon skirt would be a great way to get this look.


This is the final look I have to share with you today. I love the idea of a knit suit, and I love the vintage feel of this one. The drop waist and tweedy look of it really bring a vintage Chanel vibe to this look. This too, has proven to be kind of a tricky thing to hunt ravelry for. So far I’ve found quite a few vintage patterns (a lot available for free!) like this one, but nothing that’s really perfect yet. I’ll continue to hunt, and will definitely post if I find something.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to leave it at that for today. I really miss writing this blog and I appreciate all the emails from those of you who missed it, too! Once the Milan and Paris shows are over, I’m hoping I’ll be able to come back and post again.  Until then, as always, stay chic blogfans!

~ Lindsay

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September 23, 2010 by Lindsay
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