Knitspired: Monsters, Sweaters, and Wool, oh my!

Well, the Aye’s have it with a margin of 94%.  Which makes me feel better, at least I’m not boring all y’all to tears.  This week’s post is a mish-mash of subjects.  First off, I want to tell you how truly excited I am by the upcoming visit of Rebecca Danger, creator and instigator of Danger Crafts.  After some virtual chatting, she’s agreed to come down and teach two workshops, her popular Toy Workshop and a special request, the new Design Your Own Monster class…

Which will be so much fun!  Participants will get to create their own unique monster using instructions written up in advance by Rebecca.  Basically, you get to make up your own design without having to do the hard part of figuring out increases and decreases (well, mostly, there will be some math involved).  What I’m really looking forward to is seeing all the different creatures people create.  It should be very interesting and a lot of fun!

Something else that has me knitspired (and suffering major Startitis) is this:

Heidi Kirrmaier’s Vesper – which, in spite of the styling in the photo, is actually seasonless.  Wear it layered over a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck in Fall & Winter, and as is over a peasant skirt in Spring & Summer.  Let it be know that Dolce & Gabbana is totally on board the ’70s peasant look for the 2011 Spring/ Summer season, making this a very pragmatic knit-it-in-advance top.  I’m already considering the options.  Mostly in terms of Fall/ Winter, if I’m totally honest.  It really would be super-cute in a wool/silk blend, worn over a dress shirt or turtleneck, like this:

Raindance, also by Heidi Kirrmaier

For something a little more traditional this Fall/ Winter season (I know you’re out there, my peeps), how about Harvest Moon, the latest pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier*?

Of course, anything by Heidi Kirrmaier, a.k.a. PiPiBird on ravelry, would be great. Her sense of style and ability to drape knitwear is fantastic. And all her looks have a classic, almost timeless, quality that will help them stand the change of seasons well.  I’d strongly recommend checking out her design page on ravelry.  If only I could figure out which sweater I want to make first!

Light. Bulb. (Did anyone else love that movie?) Ahem…

Would you be interested in a PiPiBird KAL?
Yes, definitely!
Are you crazy? We’re already doing a Christmas KAL!
I don’t knit sweaters. Ever.
Maybe, if you pick a group project. free polls

We’ll just wait and see.  You know, I’m having so fun making these polls, we might have to have one every week…

In other news, we have some new yarn that’s definitely worth a look-see.  Knitters really should come up with an appropriate alternative to that – touch-feel, maybe?  Does that sound wrong?  Anyway.  I was a little ‘eh’ when we heard the new Ella Rae yarns were coming.  But then I got to interact with them firsthand.  My goodness.

I have a moderate obsession with the Classic Heathers right now.  It’s so wooly.  To which you’re probably thinking, “Duh, Sara, it’s 100% wool.”  Well, yes.  But you can really feel the wooliness and almost imagine the sheep it came from.  It also has a slight lanolin smell, something that seduces me every time.  As for the Classic Superwash Chunky?

… less enraptured. Don’t get me wrong.  It is a GREAT yarn.  But I think Jared and Clara might just be getting to me with their love of untreated woolens.  For some reason, I’ve been a little indifferent to superwash yarns lately.  To each their own, right?  But this lovely (great colors!) superwash chunky yarn would be ideal for quick winter knits (Christmas Countdown, y’all) that would be very, very popular in colder climes. 

Also, did I mention this?, great colors.  I’m a sucker for heathered yarn every time.  They have a wide selection of ‘manly’ colors that real men might actually wear.  Which is another major plus in any practical knitter’s evaluation.

Then, of course, we have:

Baby feet!!  I.e. the new Churchmouse Wee Ones pattern series.  Super-sweet, super-cute, and super-easy (heck, one’s named Easy Peasy), little knits that will win you the Most Awesomest Gift prize at any baby shower.  They’re classic, they’re simple, and they’ll look beautiful in any nursery. 

Also in from Churchmouse, are four more patterns in their Classics series.  The design that really won the hearts and minds of our staff is the new Lace Bace Fingerless Gloves:

Knit with a single skein of sport-weight or fingering weight cashmere, they’re sumptuous and relatively economical for a cashmere project.  The design even comes with two lengths – elbow and wrist – as well as three lace patterns to choose from.  This is another great pattern to lean on for the holiday season.  This one pattern can lead to six different designs.  How easy is that?  Everyone gets something different without the work of finding six completely unrelated patterns!

The only teeny-tiny thing I would improve about the Churchmouse patterns (and this is not a criticism, just a… helpful suggestion) would be to shorten the names of the patterns. They’re rather a mouthful in some cases. I’m a big believer in the two-word limit. But that’s just me.   

(Please note that this is not the opinion of Knit Purl, it’s affiliates, or [other] employees.)

In every other regard, the Churchmouse patterns are completely and utterly amazing.  The designs themselves, the layout, the photography, the helpful hints.  Really, everything.   They’re simply stunning.  And people love them – for good reason.

You can probably guess why I (and many of my coworkers) are suffering Startitis of the worst kind.  First, it’s Fall and the knitting season.  Second, we have some fantastic new Fall yarns in.  And, third, the clincher are all the amazing patterns out there to knit!  It’s kind of unfair.  There’s never enough time to knit everything you’d like.  Which is probably why most ravelry users have a queue that ranges in three or more digits.

Oh, well.  Next week we’ll have a review of a brand new yarn that’s debuting right here (Knit Purl) this Friday.  We’ve been waiting a long time for it and couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.  I’m going to tell you all the whole story behind the yarn – I even got to interview the creator in July – as well as some other fun facts and trivia.  But you’ll just have to wait (I promise it’ll be worth it!).  Maybe we’ll even have some staff projects to share.

Until then, happy knitting!
Sara M.

*Are you sensing a trend?  When you’re on a roll…

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September 28, 2010 by Sara M
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