Knitspired: Birds of a feather

Twenty minutes left on the clock, so this is going to be something of a drive-by post.  Sorry for the nothing last week, I was out with the stomach flu.  Anyway, our blog news kept (and I promise I will post that in-depth review on Shelter later, honest) and is looking just as good a week later.

On the subject of Shelter, did you know that it has 68 projects on ravelry?!  Released twelve days ago – crazy, huh?  I can’t even tell you how many skeins have flown out our door (no, literally, I can’t count that high right now), and most of them didn’t even go home with staff, either!  Several of us are working on Shelter projects, which I will share next week, during our in-depth review.

Moving on (19 minutes, eep!), have you been paying attention to our Christmas Countdown KAL and the Christmas Countdown Clock?  You should, Xmas is less than 3 months away!  How many people on your gift list are expecting hand-knit gifts?  Exactly.  You might want to get started now, rather than two weeks before they’re due.  On that note, we have been assembling…


Seriously.  Check it out (and submit some of your own!), we’re always hearing how helpful it is to provide suggestions for 1 and 2 skein projects, which is basically what that list consists of.

16 minutes.  Well, the ‘Aye’s have it with 85% of the vote, which means we WILL be having a PiPiBird/ Snowbird KAL!  Pick a PiPiBird pattern of your choice (or go with my pick, see below) and knit something for yourself as the holidays approach.  Trust me, you’ll need a little ‘me’ knitting time by early December.  My choice…

Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier

Is a lovely long cardigan that will be simply blissful to wear when knit with Rowan Felted Tweed – in “Wheat”, since I already have a bag waiting at home, anxiously awaiting it’s new life as something other than yarn…

Such a lovely, warm color.  Definitely the right pattern for this yarn (which has been waiting ever so patiently for a project).  Now, before we call cast on, we need a KAL name.  I mean, I could come up with a name, but that would be so totalitarian.  Let’s put it to a vote!

What shall our KAL henceforth be called?
PiPiBird Snowbird KAL
Birds Of A Feather KAL
It’s Mine, All Mine! KAL
Treat Myself KAL
Who cares? I’m not participating! free polls

I guess we’ll find out the results same time next week.  A good sweater KAL should last at least two months (so everyone can have a reasonable amount of time to finish), but with the winter holidays fast approaching, we should cushion that timeframe.  How does from October 15 – February 15 sound?  Leave a comment if you love it or hate it.

Less than ten minutes.  One last thing to mention, before end-of-day stuff:

This Thursday ONLY, Brave New Knits Trunk Show!
Thursday, October 14th, 6 – 8 pm

Sip champagne and chat with Julie Turjoman, the author/ interviewer who had the audacity to approach 26 of the biggest names in knitting (from Jared Flood to Ysolda Teague) and ask them for pretty patterns.  It should be fascinating, and quite lovely since the designs are beautiful.

And now I must away.  Be seeing you next week!
~Sara M.

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October 12, 2010 by Sara M
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