Knitspired: Featherhead

We have a winner!  Henceforth, our new r e l a x e d KAL shall be known as the:

The particulars:

WHEN: October 15, 2010 – February 15, 2011
WHAT: Snowbird or any other pattern by PiPiBird
WHO: Anyone!
WHERE: Birds of a Feather KAL on ravelry – be sure to join the fun!

I do hope you’ll join me (and the 8 other people who voted for the name “Birds of a Feather”).  Let it be known that I did plan to come in prepared today – having purchased the pattern last week and swatched this weekend (embracing the “laid-back” credo of the KAL early on) and then left both at home this morning.  Oh, well.  I got gauge and will be casting on this week.  Expect to see infrequent updates and receive gentle reminders via the blog and ravelry.

Next on the list, what beautimanimousness do I have to share with you all today?  Well, I have developed a strange obsession with two things.  One, Guernsey sweaters.  Two, Nordic stranded colorwork.  It must be the strange La Niña autumn we’re having.  Of course, that will not deter me or my coworkers from allowing encouraging our Startitis to get into full swing and thereby wreak havoc on our collective WIP baskets.*  

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?  Well, first, I broke down and bought twelve skeins of Shelter last week (yes, I am weak), to make this lovely, lovely thing:

Romantically titled “Guernsey Sweater 2″ from the breathtaking Japanese pattern booklet, Guernsey and Aran Sweaters – a magnificent collection of traditional fishermen’s sweaters.  I chose to go the tried-and-true route and make mine in the lovely off-white Fossil.

Second, my cohorts and I have been planning something wicked for several months now – a Nordic KAL, to start on November 1st.  We haven’t really nailed down any of the particulars, only that the projects have to be stranded colorwork.  Like this:

Or this:

Or this:

I’ll get the particulars next week and post more information (including what my coworkers are planning).  If you’d like to join us and are looking to be inspired, you should very definitely check out these groups on ravelry:

  1. Stranded (and member projects)
  2. Nordic Knitting (and member projects)
  3. Nordic Knitters (and member projects)
  4. Inspired bij Oleana (and member projects)
  5. I Make Mittens (and member projects)

After poking around, I myself am developing a serious knit-crush on these mittens:

GraceIvy‘s Heart of the Mesa Mittens, her pattern entry to the Malabrigo Sock design contest.  I really hope she wins, because I want this pattern!  How gorgeous is that design?  What a great idea for Malabrigo Sock, too.  I think I’m going to have to dig through my sock yarn stash for our little Nordic KAL.  You might want to do the same (with your stash), and use some odds and ends.  Stranded colorwork is great for mixing colors in wacky combinations.

Want to strand some colorwork?
Not particularly.
Only if there’s a support system in place.
Never. One color at a time, thank you. free polls

Note the Birds of a Feather KAL badge on the sidebar?  Feel free to take one for your own blog!  By next week, we should have a ChristmaChannuKwanzYulekah** Countdown 2010 badge as well as one for our mini Nordic KAL.  With luck, we’ll even have some tutorials forthcoming, too.  Don’t think Sandy Kay and I have forgotten our promise.  In fact, maybe we should create a Nordic knitting one!  I’ll chat with her this week and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Until next week, we hope you’re enjoying this unseasonal cold weather (pull out those handknits!) and will keep knitting away with us.  ‘Til then, happy knitting!

~ Sara M.

*Word to the wise: invest in extra-large WIP baskets this Fall.
** Say that three times fast.

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October 26, 2010 by Sara M
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