Passing the Torch

Things have been rather hectic around the Knit Purl Headquarters, and we apologize for our somewhat sparse communiques over the past few weeks and months. Lots of things have been shaking things up around here lately, not least of all the news that Sara, our Knitspired blogger and newsletter writer, will be handing over her keyboard as she takes on an exciting new job opportunity. While we’ll feel her loss tremendously, we also want to make sure you know that this blog will definitely not fall by the wayside! On the contrary, we’re planning to welcome some new writers to bring you the exciting behind-the-scenes updates and drool-worthy eye candy from Knit Purl that you know and love.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce myself to our faithful blog readers. My name is Alexa, and you might know me from my stint on the Knit Purl sales floor. I’ve been a knitter for about eight years now, and I’m also passionate about reading and writing, art and art history, and cooking. You can most often find me knitting (of course) at home on the couch nestled in with my two feline fiber enthusiasts, or at a coffee shop sharing stories and pattern advice with my fellow knitterly friends.

As for my presence here, I’ve been a part of the KP crew since August 2010 and have loved learning from all of our visitors and and seeing so many of your beautiful works in progress and finished projects. While I won’t be seeing your lovely faces upstairs much anymore, I hope that I can still share your intrepid knitting spirit through this blog! I’m on Ravelry as alexarenee, so give me a shoutout and show me your knits!
Whew, thanks for keeping up with me through that lengthy introduction. Keep an eye out soon for a big staff project post; we’ve all been hard at work on some lovely spring projects and can’t wait to share! Also coming very soon: a triangular shawl blocking tutorial! Until we meet again, happy knitting!

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March 31, 2011 by Alexa
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