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There’s been a lot of talk about the entity that is The Sanguine Gryphon around here lately, but each of their yarns is so special that I think they all deserve some individual attention. So today I want to break it down a little and share one of my new favorites with you. May I present to you… Codex.

Codex in “Captain Nemo”
Ah, Codex. There’s truly something magical about this silk and wool blend. It has an almost unearthly glow, due in large part to the reflective properties of its high silk content. It also feels slightly cool to the touch, which is very refreshing after a winter of warm fleecy wools. Yet wool lovers needn’t worry; almost half of Codex’s composition is soft Blue-faced Leicester for lots of coziness.
And the colors… wow. Codex really soaks up the dye for richly saturated and complex hues, ranging from earthy browns to deep purple and navy to bright acid green and fiery orange. Even more fun is the fact that each color is named after a literary figure or reference (which might just be this English major’s favorite part of the yarn).
Codex in “Brangion”
Hopefully you all saw Eva’s gorgeous Paper Moon cloche in our last WIP Wednesday (scroll down if you haven’t!), which gave us a glimpse at how wonderfully Codex works for cables. But have you seen it in garter stitch, or lace? Even though she’s left the store, our dear Knitspired blogger Sara couldn’t resist stopping in to share her Codex project with us (and you)!
Sara is working on a pattern of her own design in “Flash Harry.” The yarn shows off the nubby garter stitch texture so nicely, and you can just make out how well-defined the lacy eyelets are in the last two rows. We hope Sara will keep sharing her progress with us!
As you can see, Codex is an incredibly versatile yarn, wearable year-round and excellent for a wide range of garments and accessories. I’ve been brainstorming on what to make with this yarn, and I think I’ve found it: Melissa LaBarre’s Tea Leaves Cardigan by Madelinetosh.
Yum. But if you’re not in the mood for a sweater, there’s always Pam Powers’s Ruffled & Ruched Scarf, for a little extra warmth and a lot of style.
With twelve luscious colors to choose from, there’s a perfect Codex for everybody. Stop into the store or check out Codex on our website to admire this silken beauty for yourself!

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May 02, 2011 by Alexa
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