Portland’s Super Bowl

When you think of “bowls” a few things come to mind. The big Super Bowl game, the Hollywood Bowl, maybe even Grandma’s crystal punch bowl. But here in downtown Portland, a champion reigns among the food cart community.

The Whole Bowl is an exciting meal option and the SW Portland location is just a block from our Knit Purl store. This food cart features healthy vegetarian fare and is an employee favorite for fast and yummy takeout. I asked our staffer Oleya a few questions about why this is her adored Portland food cart.

W: “Why do you like visiting The Whole Bowl?”

O: “The orders come out quick. Sometimes there’s a line but the food always arrives delicious and fresh.”

W: “Tell me exactly what’s in a Whole Bowl serving.”

O: “It’s layers of yummy taste: brown rice, red and black beans, fresh avocado, salsa, black olives, sour cream, Tillamook cheddar, cilantro, and the famous Tali sauce. It’s served in two sizes priced at $5.00 and $5.50 (the better deal).”

W: “Tell me about this famous sauce that everyone is talking about”

O: “Well, the Tali sauce is the best part. It’s a lemony-garlic creation that makes the whole dish taste wonderful. It has other mysterious ingredients that make the sauce unique and truly addictive.”

W: “Anything else you want to tell us about The Whole Bowl?”

O: “I like the cart not only for the food but the friendly service and consistent meals. The owner knows the customers by their names and they will make the bowls to order in case you want to delete some items. The bowls are very filling and the food keeps me going for the rest of the workday.”

The Whole Bowl has three locations:

SW 9th and Alder (near the Knit Purl storefront), 4411 SE Hawthorne (this location features indoor seating), and 1100 NW Glisan Street in the Pearl District. All locations open for lunch and the Hawthorne location is open until 7pm.

The meals served at The Whole Bowl contain no meat yet meat-eaters often say they don’t miss it. Healthy and 100% vegetarian, it’s not hard to understand why this is such a popular lunch destination. Try it the next time you are in the neighborhood. But watch out… that sauce is addictive!

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July 29, 2011 by William
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