What’s New on Ravelry: Christmas Edition

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If you subscribe to the newsletter or looked the front page of the website recently, you’ll know that we’re all been pretty excited by Christmas in August. I definitely agree with the tagline “It’s Never too Early to Start”. And really, it’s not. Think about it. It’s already August, and before you know it, we’ll be in the midst of fall. As long as I’ve been a knitter, the holiday season always crept up on me before I was ready. Even projects I started in October didn’t seem to make my deadline. Why not stock up on yarny goodness and start now?

So naturally, today’s blog is going to highlight Christmas knits. I hope by now you’ve seen all the cute ornament kits (and book!) here at Knit Purl. If you start now, you’ll have plenty of time to knit this festive sweater too!

I hope I’m not the only on one the planet who wants to knit this sweater. I love that it’s a Christmas sweater that’s not terribly tacky. Yes, it is a bit kitschy what with the deer and trees and all, but that’s part of its charm. It’s not over the top at all! I love the vintage details, with the puffed sleeves and the buttons at the back of the neck.

It’s knit flat and seamed, and charts are included for both the fair isle and intarsia parts. It’s a 5 dollar download through Ravelry at this link here, and also available as part of an ebook here. That ebook has plenty of other cute vintage patterns in it. (I think this one’s the cutest, though!)

My yarn pick: it would look superb in Marion Foale. That yarn is simply amazing in stranded knits – my coworker made some mittens with the yarn and they were spectacular! Not only does Marion Foale look good in colorwork, it’s very soft and machine washable. How cool is that?

It would also be fetching in Cranberry & Ivory Shibui Sock.
Ivory / Cranberry

Plus you can make extra matching Christmas balls with all the yarn leftovers. Bonus!

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August 08, 2011 by Oleya
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