We’ve got her!

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Knit Purl is our very own Lidia Tsymbal.
A well-followed and long established pattern designer, Lidia is a dynamo with an artist’s eye for creating beautiful garments with the ideal yarn.  Not to mention a wonder with the needles and wow, is she fast!

“Designing comes naturally to me.  I think it’s in my genes.  I didn’t learn reading patterns.  My mother was a sewing, design and clothing construction teacher and she taught me how to construct a pattern.  She insisted that if I wanted my clothes to fit well, I should do the blueprint first.  So I’d make a live pattern (like one for sewing) of my design and then after swatching, I’d make my calculations for increases and decreases.  I was about 13 when I knit my first garment”, Lidia tells us.

Her experience shows.  Aside from being a Knit Purl sample knitter for years, she has knit thousands of FOs.  And created beautiful designs, many of which can be found on her Ravelry site, MadamButterfly.  

Her latest design, however, is exclusive to Knit Purl.  It’s called Stark, and features our Hayden yarn.  We named this yarn after Hayden Island, the northernmost of Portland’s 95 neighborhoods.  Filled with dry dock boatyards and craftsmen, and surrounded by the still waters, it was the inspiration for our yarn construction–a cotton core with smooth silk wrap.   With a look at Hayden’s gorgeous color palette, you can just about hear the halyards clanging on the masts.

We’ve kitted the Stark sweater, and the pattern is included with each kit.  The design, created with Hayden in mind, is another show of Lidia’s expertise as a pattern designer.  “I use different techniques for shaping and finishing so the quality of yarn and the skill of the knitter are shown off in the finished project.  In Stark, I used my decreases and increases in a way they not only give the shoulders a unique shaping, but also work with the texture of the yarn very harmoniously.”

Hayden gives a unique, must-touch texture to knits.  Lidia loves it.  “Once you try knitting with it and feel the fabric, you’ll be as addicted to it as I am.  I’ve already finished another design and I can’t wait to get a hold of more Hayden to keep creating.  I thinking light sweaters for my winter vacation in Hawaii.”

Vacation?  She deserves it, but we want her back quickly.  We love when she’s right here in Portland, designing beautiful things for us to create.  

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August 12, 2013 by Jocelyn
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