The art of knitting meets the art of bag

Here’s the studio of Marco Murillo. Problem-solver, designer, Portland artist. And the man behind The Keep – our exclusive new knitting bag.
Marco’s studio, The Good Flock, is located in the Northwest quadrant – home to many local artist workspaces. It’s an open, well-lit and beautifully outfitted space that he uses to design for utility.  “My work is about solving everyday problems with design. Then I put it through the artist’s filter and make it beautiful. For us, it’s all about thoughtful creations.”  
Neighboring his studio, we’ve long admired his work and decided to bring our challenge to him. We wanted a functional knitting bag that was equally beautiful – a bag that a knitter would wear proudly in public. We wanted a bag that would keep things organized, keep them portable, keep them safe, keep them nearby. So we could keep on creating.  
Marco believes in what he calls the “iterative process”–taking something in existence and making it better, more useful, more beautiful. He asked a lot of good questions and together, knowing what we need as knitters, we designed The Keep. Pockets, sleeves, compartments.  A bag that stands up.  Protected on the bottom so it could be set down and knit from anywhere at all.  Large enough to handle a sweater-in-the-making.  Durable –  and only gets better with age.    
“I really enjoyed working on The Keep with Knit Purl. Throughout the process, they were interested and involved–which is the best kind of collaboration. They didn’t want to accept ‘what is’, but wanted to make it better. There were no compromises needed–we both wanted to make it a perfect solution. When we reviewed the prototype, we both immediately felt it was right”.  
According to Marco, part of the ease of designing The Keep is the shared mindset of our respective customers. “Our customers care about quality over quantity. They want useful objects that are handcrafted. They’re thoughtful and intentional.  The same is true of the Knit Purl customer. I think we both understood this mindset and knew we were designing for the same type of person.”
Yes, we as knitters most certainly understand being both thoughtful and intentional. But self-admittedly, in my experience I’ve intended to knit a gift that somehow, I’ve decide to keep. It gives a whole new meaning to The Keep.  
Check out Marco’s website:

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August 23, 2013 by Jocelyn
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