September is the Month of Shibui

And this? This is the face of Shibui – Jenny Trygg. Not just another pretty face, mind you. Yes, she’s the model you see donning all the delicious Shibui knits, but she just so happens to be the Creative Director, as well.
While managing a staff of junior designers and html gurus, she also manages to direct the aesthetics of the Shibui brand. It’s a big job. From collection inspiration, to color palette selection, photo shoots, pattern layout, the look and feel of all electronic communications, even the labels, she’s the eye behind it all.  
With three very separate Fall/Winter collections this year, Jenny has been busy. Mix was the first collection released. Jenny explains, “Mix is a showcase for yarn combinations. They’re linear, clean shapes with great drape. This season, the Mix designs have a richness and warmth. I wanted to express that richness in all ways visual. The colors of yarn chosen for the samples, the shoot location, the look books, all of it.”
The second collection – Form,  launched September 3rd. For Jenny, her inspiration for the collection came from her appreciation for architecture. “I love the way buildings against a skyline seem to move, even vanish into the distance. It’s architecture with movement. That’s what the pieces in this collection are – shape in motion. I had the pleasure of working with Lori Versaci as a designer on the collection. Together we named the designs Span, Curve, Shift, Veer, Flare, and Merge. It’s a dramatic collection of pieces.Very commanding.”  
The final collection Jenny’s been overseeing this season is Pebble, which launches September 16th. “This collection is all about our new yarn, Pebble. It’s earthy, and has a tweedy feel, but more refined.Just like the yarn, the collection has an accessible, feel. To me, the designs have a sophisticated ease to them, they’re incredibly wearable pieces. 
According to Jenny, “A collection is years in the making, there are so many steps along the way.  I think the best part of any collection is when you see how excited people are about it once it’s finally, finally done. That makes all the hard work worth every minute.”
A big heart, a warm giggle, a fierce work ethic and a keen eye – Jenny has it all.  
And can all this beauty and brains knit, you ask? Why yes. Yes, as with everything else, beautifully.  

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September 09, 2013 by Jocelyn
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