Saint Honoré Boulangerie, a treat in Nob Hill

The staff at Knit Purl had an amazing time photographing the newest addition to our exclusive yarn collection — Nob Hill cashmere — right in the heart of this beautiful district. Our location was none other than the lovely Saint Honoré Boulangerie. This elegant bakery specializes in breads and pastries made meticulously in the French tradition with the flair of Portland-sourced ingredients.
The boulangerie derives its name from the patron saint of baking – Saint Honore. Saint Honoré, or rather, Saint Honoratus of Amiens, was a bishop in Amiens, France around 600 AD. In most of his depictions, he carries a baker’s peel – a tool that allows bread to be removed from the oven and cooled. You’ll find the same tools are heavily put into use at Saint Honoré, whisked away, leaving only the scent of freshly-baked bread remaining. Perhaps the saint also has some hand in the lovely confections lining the pastry cases!
The bakery is owned by Chef Dominique Geulin, whose pastries and breads have earned him the coveted and prestigious title of MOF, or Meilleur Ouvrier de France. This title indicates that he has been recognized by the French government as one of the best of his trade. In addition to having an amazing leader, the staff and owners of Saint Honoré were generous in their hospitality, despite the onslaught of hungry models and Knit Purl staffers who readily bought up their morning stock of pastries during the shoot!

Lidia’s sweater in front of an equally scrumptious wall of baked goods!
Photographed in the bakery was one of our newest patterns for Nob Hill cashmere – a beautiful sweater designed by Lidia Tsymbal. Outside, on 23rd, we photographed a confection of our own — a lovely new cowl, Hoyt. It only takes two skeins to whip up something luxurious for gifting or adding to your own winter wardrobe. With colors named Crème Fraîche, Marzipan, Latte, Rye, Sel Gris, and Poivre — you might feel a little like a chef yourself.

Our newest cowl — Hoyt in Nob Hill



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October 24, 2013 by Hannah
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