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If you have one thing in common with every knitter in the world, it’s probably the search for the perfect cardigan. You reach into your wardrobe every morning thinking how nice it would be to have a cozy sweater to curl up in. With long sleeves you can pull over your fingers and a shape that’s flattering but oversized — the perfect length to belt over a sweater or wear around on the weekend. Warm, but not too warm. Transitional for spring mornings, fall evenings, and winter days. Not too heavy, not too light.

Jennifer Wood also wished for this same cardigan. The difference is that Jennifer, with over 63 design credits to her name, knew she could make it happen. First inspired by the many designer and store-bought garments she saw on Pinterest, Jennifer began playing around with ideas. She wanted a sweater that could look store bought — be thrown easily over yoga clothes, a dress, or jeans and a long-sleeve tee — but feel high quality, handmade, and carefully planned. What she ended up with was Woodsy.

Woodsy upgrades standard store-bought sweaters in material and construction. With a classic, angular shape, raglan sleeves, and garter-stitch edgings, it might seem simple upon first glance. Detail is everything, and shows in the slightly flared hem, the carefully planned shaping, and luxurious fabric of this sweater. In Shibui Knits Linen and Cima, the drape of the linen is countered by bouncy superbaby alpaca, creating a fabric that seems to fit every season. The result is what Jennifer thinks might be a new favorite cardigan.
“Simple, classic shapes are a starting point that you know works,” she explains, “You can get more creative when you work off a base. The shapes are like comfort food — everyone has their own version, but you learn your favorite way to make it at home.”
Jennifer’s “comfort food” approach to knitting seems apropos this time of year, when the leaves start changing and the air gets crisper. Her earth tone palette works well on almost everyone, the colors and textures of the knits feel familiar and connected to the natural world. Often Jennifer puts little botanical details in her pieces, inspired to add something organic to man-made garments and fabrics. And she loves experimenting with fabrics:
“I always have a running list of things to try. Right now I’m keen on Shibui Knits Pebble and Staccato. And I love the Linen, it’s one of my favorites. I’d like to get my hands on some of Knit Purl’s Hayden yarn. We as knitters can be more adventurous about fabrics — you can always try something new with a pattern you already know.”

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November 04, 2013 by Hannah
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