Give the Gift of Color

Admired and desired, colorwork knitting remains a constant trend and tradition among knitters. A siren song of color, combination and clever patterning, the possibilities afforded by this medium seem endless. It is almost as much fun to pick out the colors as to have the knitted object on the needles!

Unveiling a colorwork package that has been hiding under the tree might be akin to opening a new box of crayons. All of the materials are packaged and patient, waiting to become a beautiful project that will surely elicit comments and compliments wherever the wearer wanders.

We’ve compiled a little list of some colorwork kits that are sure to surprise, for three levels of expertise—stop by Knit Purl or give us a call and we’ll send one your way!



For those who like to dip their toes before jumping in, we recommend the Cliff Hat from Shibui Knits. The pattern helps knitters practice stranding without typical tension issues caused by complex motifs, instead focusing on only two colors at a time to help develop the skill of “carrying up” the strands. Worked in luxurious Shibui Pebble, this pattern is stunning in the original palette of burnished tones—Ivory, Sidewalk, Trail, Chestnut, and Poppy. For a softer, moodier combination, try Shibui Cima in Ash, Mineral, Fjord, Suit and UV .



A more traditional first colorwork project is a pair of mittens. We adore these Burnham mittens from Brooklyn Tweed, worked up in fingering weight and detailed with a Latvian braid, an easy but seemingly difficult detail. Choose a rustic yarn like Brooklyn Tweed Loft for authenticity (we love colorways Camper and Sweatshirt), or go for smooth, shiny stitches in colors similar to the original with Shibui Staccato (in neutral Artichoke and Ivory).


And for the ambitious knitter looking to create an heirloom for years to come, there is only one logical choice—a yoked colorwork sweater. Choose the Stasis Pullover and feature two stunning shades for demure simplicity (we recommend The Fibre Company’s luxurious Canopy Fingering or Geilsk Thin Wool), or go big and bold with the Grettir sweater in a custom collection of color.


Whatever your selection, add on a few simple tools for colorwork success—a darning needle for hiding ends, a thread clipper for changing colors, and a set of sharp needles to get them going. (We love CocoKnits’ new kit if you’re looking for all the little things in one neat package!)



Be prepared —after the first colorwork project is finished, you’re likely to find one under your own tree later!

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December 05, 2013 by Hannah Thiessen
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