How Knit Purl Staff “Get Cozy”

Staff member Keli checks her tubular co, photo courtesy of Erik P. Hansen

Staff member Keli checks her tubular co, photo courtesy of Erik P. Hansen

For the final week in the Month of Me, we’re focusing on ways to ease out of the long work week (don’t get us wrong, we love selling beautiful yarn!) It’s time to experience the things we enjoy most. Those of us who work at Knit Purl really believe that weekends are about regaining focus and re-connecting with ourselves, our homes, and the people (and pets) we adore.

We gathered some of our staff’s favorite pastimes and daily pleasures, in case your own relaxation needs inspiration. It should come as no surprise to any of you that the top weekend activity on our list was knitting. We choose to turn towards the repetitive, comfortable motion of simple projects over the weekend — many staffers are working on projects that feature tiny stitches, favorite yarns, or will be given to someone they love.


Sheila is anticipating the birth of her nephew’s first child, and she’s been working on this adorable baby sweater by designer Susie Haumann in Shibui Sock. The pattern is featured in one of the books in the shop: All You Knit is Love. Sarah, Leah, and Keli are all working on versions of the basic beanie, but the most popular seems to be the Ribbed Watch Cap by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas — a labor of love in your favorite fingering weight yarn. Sarah’s pattern is Bankhead, which she’s making out of Shepherd’s Wool in colorway “Denim.”


Hannah and Rachel are both refreshing their knitting by joining mystery knit-a-longs. Rachel’s been working through the starting clues of the Mystery Shawl for the upcoming Rose City Yarn Crawl. Hannah decided to tackle lace with renewed fervor by working on Ysolda Teague’s newest knit-a-long, Follow Your Arrow. It’s not too late to join in with others to learn a new technique, or start a new project. Sandy and Shellie both expressed a love for swatching over their weekends, and we understand why. Swatches are promises of projects to come.

Often while knitting, we like to have a cup of something warm beside us. Whether the preference was Earl Grey Creme, Honey Herb, Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut, or Rooibos, tea is high on the list. Coffee is also a perennial favorite. Summer recommends Stumptown Coffee’s Guatemalan Roast.  Opting for something cool and refreshing, Darcy highly recommends a glass of sparkling water flavored with ginger shrub. Of course, you can’t have a drink without a snack — try Leah’s recommendation, cashews roasted in rosemary and cayenne pepper.

Weekends become luxurious getaways when meals are made leisurely and enjoyed slowly. Some like to start the day with some breakfast crepes like Laura, but Jenny turns instead to her Dutch oven for all-day cooking. Many of us choose one of our favorite slow-cooker recipes and put it on all afternoon, enjoying the aromas while we lounge about watching or listening to our favorite shows.

We try to catch up on episodes of The Blacklist, The Taste, and Downton Abbey. BBC shows are well-loved — especially mystery shows. Many of our staff prefer not to watch, but listen. NPR programming like Car Talk, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, This American Life, and The Moth Radio Hour are top of our list. If you’re working on a project that requires some concentration, Sarah highly recommends just listening to some soothing music. Her favorites are Sufjan Stevens and Sam Cooke.

Of course, no weekend would be complete without a cozy blanket and the people we love nearby. Many Knit Purl staff members use weekends to reconnect with friends over home-cooked meals. Others choose instead to spend weekends snuggled up next to fireplaces and family members, watching movies and trying not to think too hard about the chores they need to get done before another week starts.

Wherever you’re reading this, know that those of us who work at Knit Purl are looking forward to our weekends the same way that you are. We’re hoping to slow down and focus inwardly, at least for a few days. We think this is a practice that should keep occurring long after the ‘Month of Me’ has passed.




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January 28, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen
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