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It’s no secret that Portlanders love their pets. The Rose City has over 30 dog parks (second only to New York), including special facilities for swimming, natural landscapes and small dogs only. Multnomah County has a special literacy program where kids can read to dogs, and restaurants like Hobnob Grille offer up special pup-focused menus. In 2010, Portland was even announced as one of the top five cities that defend animal rights by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

At Knit Purl, we wanted to celebrate the outpouring of love we have for our furry friends during February. In a month that is traditionally focused on celebrating couples, we felt that it was important to celebrate our pets too. Present, reliable, and loving, animals are an important part of our lives. We decided to celebrate by giving back to animals that still need to feel some love—pets that are waiting for their forever homes in local shelters.


The Pixie Project, founded in 2007 by born-and-bred Portland resident Amy Sacks, is a shelter set on finding the perfect match. Amy’s family raised her with a strong belief that animals are important and need to be cared for. Her mother and father were always volunteering at local shelters and animal-related events.

“They always had pet food in the back of the car,” she explains. “They wanted to make sure nobody had to choose between feeding their dog and feeding their kids. I never started doing animal rescue work—I was born into it.”

Amy continued what would become her lifetime passion in college, volunteering with animal rescues during her time at school. She felt that although the animal shelters and rescues were doing a noble thing—rescuing pets—there was a customer service aspect that needed work.

 “People didn’t get the help they needed at the shelter. They came in, picked a dog, and left. It needed to be more about matching the right family to the right pet for them. Animals shouldn’t be an impulse buy.”

Our star pup, Choncey, found his forever home after being rescued by a shelter.

Our star pup, Chauncey, was once a rescue himself, adopted by a friend of Knit Purl.

Amy started The Pixie Project with her family as an opportunity for pets to get matched to their perfect forever homes. The shelter rescues animals from overflowing county and regional shelters. They get to know each animal well enough to help families find the perfect pet for their lifestyle, home, and situation, taking special care to provide enough support through the whole process. The pets are also featured on the website with a profile that helps people understand their personalities and needs.

“So many families with young children think they can’t have an adopted dog because of safety,” Amy says. “But that’s not the truth. They just have to have the right dog. And I can help them find that pet—sometimes that means they have to wait, but it’s always worth it.”

The Pixie Project is always adding to what they can do for the animals in their community. In addition to adoption services, they’ve recently added a surgical wing. Local veterinarians take time out of their busy schedules to volunteer time performing not only spay and neutering services, but also low-cost vet care for low income residents nearby. Pet care becomes easier and more affordable, and the animals are the ones who benefit.

Knit Purl is pleased to announce our collaboration with this local charity. Each skein of Fyberspates’ Vivacious DK sold during the month of February will have 15% donated to The Pixie Project. This money will go towards supplies needed to keep the shelter running, vaccines, medications, and more. Click here to read more about The Pixie Project’s mission on their website.

A friend of Knit Purl, Sarah, allowed us to borrow her rescue pup Choncey for our photoshoot!

A friend of Knit Purl  allowed us to borrow her rescued pup Chauncey for our photoshoot! 

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February 04, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen
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