Shibui S/S 14 Collection

Modern, streamlined styles covered runways for Spring fashion this year, so we wouldn’t expect any less from Shibui’s most recent collection, S/S 14. This addition to Mix features a variety of versatile garments, laden with clean lines. While many of the patterns are showcased in comfortable neutrals with occasional touches of denim blue, we couldn’t help but think about making them with some alternate colors (and yarns) too.


We love designer Lori Versaci, and so does the team at Shibui. Her clean lines and innovative construction once again lend something new and surprising to this collection in the form of Mix Nos. 28 & 27. In No. 28, a simple vest shape is enhanced with a beautiful wrap-around and buttoned collar. Worked in Shibui Linen and Pebble held together, Ivory is a simple and clean-lined solution to showing off all the details in this piece. To further enhance this knit’s striking shape, consider using the rich blue-greys of Linen in Graphite, and Pebble in Tar, one of the new colorways for this line.


Mix No. 27 is a shell that uses the nature of garter stitch to play up color changes in an unusual way. The front panel is worked in two strands of Linen held together, while the back uses just one strand to create a slightly sheer fabric. Originally, the design pairs Fjord & Caffeine, but if you’d like to play with some of this season’s pastels, think about switching them out for Linen in Ivory, and on the front panel using Manos del Uruguay’s elegant colorway Watered Silk on their Fino base. The color changes could add some extra visual interest!


Lydia Tsymbal yet again adds her expertise to this collection with Mix Nos. 30 & 25. A relaxed tee, Mix No. 30 uses Silk Cloud & Heichi to maximum effect, highlighting each of the accented ridges with the glow of mohair on silk. While it’s stunning and versatile in Caffeine, we can’t help but think about making this in the pale spring greens of Lumen, too.


Mix No. 25 is a staple wardrobe option in Pebble‘s Canal colorway. Since the yarn is double-stranded throughout, Pebble gains some structure while still remaining weightless and soft at a light fingering gauge. If you’re thinking about making more than one of this must-have sweater, what about working up your second version in Isager’s Tvinni Tweed? In a pale, heathered gray, it’s sure to be one of your favorite pieces.


Mix No. 29 injects print into a simple shape. This mitered chevron cowl by designer Jenny Faifel would make a wonderful addition to any early Spring wardrobe. Pebble & Cima are held together for an ultimately luxurious fabric. While the original features a selection of camel, ivory, and denim tones, we can’t help but think about how lovely this would be knit in some of Pebble‘s other new colorways. Keep the Ivory background and accent with Clay, Ash, Sidewalk (in Cima, use Nude) & Mineral instead for a blush-toned palette. (Pebble will be available soon in Mineral and Clay!)


Shellie Anderson’s piece for the collection is sure to be a favorite year-round. While we adore the two-toned Pebble combination of Caffeine and Trail (the yarn is held double-stranded throughout), what about swapping them out for the soft mint sorbet of Isager Alpaca 2, paired with Pebble double-stranded in Sidewalk?

Would you keep these patterns as-is in their original color palettes, or would you change it up a little, and how? Tell us in the comments!


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March 18, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen
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