What We Knit: Cait’s Clara Cowl

I was first introduced to the Clara Cowl when I knit the store sample in Swan’s Island Bulky last spring. I can only describe the final product as cushy. It’s something about the combination of really soft yarn and a really open fabric. The sample took forever—I could only knit in half-hour blocks a couple of times a week—but I really wanted to make it for myself.
Then summer came, then fall with its own pre-selected knitting projects, then winter. The store had another sample knit up, this time in our own yarn—Nob Hill. I can’t get enough of this yarn. The cashmere is so plump and soft and squishy. I want to make everything out of Nob Hill, even when I shouldn’t. It’s almost irrational.
So this past winter, I took two skeins of Rye out of my stash and started to make my own Clara Cowl. Then I put it down for months. Prompted by all the talk around here about our Brioche Stitch Lab, I picked it up again, and quickly knit through the second skein.
I was not looking forward to the finishing process, which involves grafting the two ends together, because Kitchener stitch is not my favorite (and made for a disaster trying to Kitchener brioche while helping customers between stitches the first time around). But I muddled through it again, and now I have a beautiful, squishy, cozy cowl. It’s like being hugged by a cloud.

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April 25, 2014 by Cait Lamborne
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