Afterthought Add-ons


When I first started knitting, I followed every pattern to the last detail. I wanted to make sure that I ended up with exactly what I saw pictured on my pattern.

As time passed and I became more aware of and comfortable with the different ways that different designers cast on, bound off, increased, or any other personal favorite for constructing a hand knit, I too began to change up patterns and followed my favorite methods. That’s the great thing about thinking outside the box as a knitter, or any maker for that matter. Once you know the rules…you get to break them! At times you may even end up with something you love more because you made it your own. What a beautiful thing!When this adorable little Sunset Cardigan was finished, I realized just how much of my contrast-colored yarn I had left over. What better thing to do than whip up some beautiful afterthought pieces. I get to add a little whimsey and personal touch and if I don’t like them…well, it’s an afterthought. I can just take them off and move on!

I-cord Button Hole

First I made a 4 stitch i-cord long enough to wrap into a loop, resembling a frog closure, and attached it to the sweater opposite my buttons. I chose green, but you could do this along the entire sweater in alternating colors. For a more simple touch, but just as eye catching, place one at the top button of the sweater and let the rest of the cardigan swing open.

Elbow Patch

At times, I’ve cut an oval out of scrap fabric to add a little personality to my son’s old cardigans or simple baby sweater gifts. This time, I knit my elbow pads because the extra yarn was there! For a teeny baby sweater like this, it takes only minutes. I cast on 4 stitches. Increased a few over 2 rows. Then decreased the same amount back down to 4 stitches and bound off leaving a long tail. I secured the patch to the elbow area with straight pins and simply whip-stitched this patch to the arm using a tapestry needle and the long tail left from binding off. Again, it’s an afterthought. If the size is wrong, or time goes by and you change your mind and no longer want that patch there, take it off! No harm done!


A pocket on a sweater this small has absolutely no use. But who cares! It’s so darn cute! Just cast on a few stitches. Knit a couple rows in 1×1 rib. Continue in stockinette stitch and bind off when it’s square, or the length fits your intended sweater. Stripe it, or cable it, or keep it simple like we’ve pictured here. It’s so easy, I bet you already have a sweater in your collection you can add to right now!

Have fun!

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April 29, 2014 by Rachel Bishop
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