What We Knit: Summer’s Metalouse

metaThe funny thing is, I’ve never been that fond of Noro yarns. I have a limited personal need for multi-hued, color changing yarns. However, this shawl, Stephen West’s Metalouse, is the perfect project for the pink, turquoise, yellow, and gray Shiraito (Color 31) that I picked out. I actually took quite a while to pick the contrast color, finally settling on Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool in Milk Chocolate. I think the brown gray of the Shepherd’s Wool contrasts just enough, and in an unexpected way with the cool gray in the Shiraito. Sometimes my favorite part of a project is picking just the right colors. Of course, I’ve seen Stephen West patterns around Ravelry, and his photo shoots definitely make me smile, but I was never actually compelled to knit one until I saw the finished product in person. I met with a rep who was wearing a springy, bright, and multicolored shawl with gorgeous drape. It looked so soft and compelling, I couldn’t stop from touching it immediately, while simultaneously mentally casting on. meta2 I was intrigued by the pattern itself from the beginning, as this is my first time doing a garter tab cast-on. I have enjoyed watching the shawl grow from those first three stitches. The cashmere, angora, and wool blend of the Shiraito is really soft to work with and blooms as it is knit. The vibrant colors are a confectionary treat! While working on this shawl, I’ve also been reading my favorite knitting blogs, following the adventures of Stephen West, Cirilia Rose, and Dianna Walla at the Reykjavík Fashion Festival. I must admit to being a little covetous of their fabulous knitwear designer lifestyles; but, while not as exciting as a Icelandic knitting adventure, this project did entice me to try several new things. So with the Metalouse just rows from cast-off, it’s official—I’m a Westy and a Noro enthusiast!

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May 02, 2014 by Summer Fouche
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