Knitting Histories

Do you remember where — and from whom — you learned to knit or crochet? At Knit Purl, we certainly remember our own introductions to the art of making with needles and string.

Like some of our readers, many members of our staff learned from family members or friends:


Other staff members learned through teachers and classes at various points in their lives. Yarn stores often provide beginner classes, and Knit Purl is no different in this aspect. There is something special about having the skill of knitting passed down this way, although it is often considered less “traditional.” By continuing to share through stores and classes, we introduce new individuals who might not have grown up in a culture of making.


While knitting may seem like a solitary activity, it’s amazing that almost every learn-to-knit story involves another person. Whether communicated through a one-on-one lesson, a group class, or even a book’s technical drawings, knitting is a craft that continues to evolve and grow, thanks to its heritage of sharing. This month, through our newsletters and our blog, we hope to explore the evolution (and revolution) of knitting as an art form and active part of our lives.

Do you have a great learn-to-knit story? Share it in the comments!


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May 07, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen
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