Fashioning Cascadia


This May, the Museum of Contemporary Craft invited Knit Purl to participate in their Fashioning Cascadia exhibit. With the help of Oleya Pearsall, Knit Purl fashioned a wearable flag with a modern take on Fair Isle for the museum’s permanent collection.


Oleya and I walked over to the gallery on opening night. The show’s presentation is minimalist. It is about the clothes themselves and what style can convey without models, sets, makeup, and music. It was fun to watch Alexa Stark pinning and shaping a dress in the front window and I especially liked seeing the behind-the-scenes photos of the 9 featured designers while they worked in their studios. Sarah Margolis-Pineo’s interviews focused on the very personal connection each designer has with their customers. This aspect reminds me how much Knit Purl customers consistently inspire me with their WIPs and color choices.


I moved to Portland last fall, so the improvisations of designers from the Pacific Northwest were new to me.  For anyone interested in learning more about the makers and craftspeople in the Portland region, this show is a must see! The exhibition is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Craft until October 11.

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May 21, 2014 by Elizabeth
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